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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Honeymoon Bliss Part 4

Part 1 HERE Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE 

This is my final honeymoon post and it's going to be a picture overload of all the activities we did and all other pictures of random stuff...mainly us just relaxing!
day 1 sunning as soon as I was able to get there
afternoon snack

our day that we enjoyed a beach bed

early morning selfies as I drink my coffee and absorb that awesome view
daily travel journal of all the food, sights, sounds, and activities from the day

some of the marine life off our bungalow, minnows and gar always around

I was outside reading and Hendrik saw when I got up it did this really cool silhouette effect so he had me do a few poses and he took some pics.  They are really cute!
afternoon pedicures at the over the water spa
touring the beach side after the sunniest part of the day has past.  I wanted to get a few good pictures without so much glare.
I'm always posing and looking for good pictures. LOL 

a HUGE sting ray that hung out under the bungalows and swam in front of all our patios all day one day

with one of the maybe 4 drinks I halfway drank the entire week
can never be tan enough
we loved snorkeling right from our bungalow
we both paddle boarded around the area for around an hour one morning after the gym

Hendrik took this from inside the room through the glass floor

our last night before heading home

We had the best honeymoon and vacation.  We loved everything about the resort.....I know I've said this plenty but you just have no clue how amazing it was.  We also enjoyed staying in the same spot for an entire week...we never left the resort at all and this was an unintentional first but I think it's what we needed.  We can't think of a better honeymoon or how it could have even been made any better and I think we enjoyed each other too LOL.  I came home 10 lbs lighter in magazines, relaxed, in love and ready to conquer the Summer.  Of course we are always planning what's next in travel so stay tuned.... I hope you were able to escape some from looking through our pictures.  

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