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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Blue Apron Trial

A couple months ago I listened to an awesome podcast called S Town.  If you haven't listened then check it out HERE!  It is completely fascinating and binge worthy!  So in the end of the credits there's a plug for Blue Apron and they give you a web address to go to to get a discount on Blue Apron.  I made a note in my phone to check it out.  I love cooking...or used to a lot more than I have time for now so can't see the use of these services...not to mention I gather they can be quiet expensive.  When we got back from our honeymoon I was going through my notes and found my Blue Apron note.  I went to check it out and signed up to receive 3 meals for $29.95 or something right around that which is half the full price.  Without a discount you would be paying around $60 for 3 uncooked meals delivered to your door.  I thought since I was only out $30 sure I would give it a try for something different and fun.  I know several people have tried Blue Apron on occasion and a few others who use other services like this.  I received my package of food on Tuesday May 16th and cooked two out of 3 meals on Wednesday and then Friday of the same week.  

The box came neatly packed with cold packs and every ingredient you needed of your recipes.  It also had large recipe cards of each of the three recipes that we received on our menu that week.  I closed the box back up and put it in the frig until the next day.  

I never got around to making the chicken and sweet pepper tostadas recipe but I did use the ingredients for a little mash up of my own.  I sort of got unmotivated by the end of the week and had several different items laid out so I didn't waist the ingredients I just didn't follow their recipe either.  

The first recipe that I made was the shrimp and squid ink spaghetti dish.  All the ingredients were in the box except the cloves of garlic.   I was a little annoyed since all the recipes called for the garlic and it wasn't in the box.  I had garlic on hand but I felt like the point of the services was FULL service but whatever....  Everything else was there.  I laid out my ingredient and my recipe card and started reading. It took me a bit longer than the time shown on the recipe card simply because I had to stop, read the next step, and so forth and not being familiar with their set up it took me a bit of time.  

The recipe turned out just like the card shown and it was really good.  I messed it up a bit by adding too much sea salt to my noodle water so my pasta was REALLY salty.  That took away a bit of the flavor I think but overall it was a different and fun dish that we had never had before.  Also after making it once I could see myself grabbing these quick and easy ingredients and cooking this meal at other times.  It wasn't a difficult task just new and different. 

On that same week Friday I made mozzarella and arugula paninis with a zucchini and arugula salad.  I loved this dish but Hendrik didn't.  The arugula ruined it for him but I thought it was light, clean, and easy.  I could see myself eating this again on a weekend or a night when Hendrik would be working late.  

Again my finished product looked just like the picture which makes you feel good once its complete.  

So that was my Blue Apron trial menu that I got for half price.  My opinion...I'm glad I got a discount because there is no way in hell that I would pay $60 for the food that I got.  I mean I guess you are really paying for the convenience of not going to the grocery store and not using your brain to think what to make for dinner because you still have to make the food and it is quick and fast stuff.  Yeah it looks gourmet and it is different than your Wednesday night spaghetti or Tuesday night tacos or Friday night leftovers but I can't see and won't be subscribing more to this service.  It was fun and different to see what it is all about but definitely not worth the hefty price tag.  I would like to keep an open mind and if I get discounts at the other sites that do this I would give them a try as well...not because I want to do this permanently to feed our household but just to try new things and compare the services to each other.  I'm sure there is one out there that would actually be worth it but to me Blue Apron isn't it.  Fun and different but not a permanent fixture for my household or my checkbook.  

Have you tried any of these food services and if so what are your thoughts?

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