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Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's Your Number?

I was listening to the radio this morning on my way to an appointment and the topic was what’s your number? Pretty much there was a poll that asked people what they felt was a yearly salary amount to feel accomplished and like you’re doing good in life. I can’t remember the exact percentage but the majority of the people said between 55K-70K a year. WOW! 70K a year that would be AWESOME especially if I was making that and my significant other had their own yearly salary….can you say BANK! But even as a family joined yearly income at 70K would still be really great. I could do so much with that like build a dream home and have a lot of toys that would enable Lincoln and I do what we love to do to the fullest like camping and spending time with friends and family at the lake. Not to mention I could finally get a new car that I’ve been lusting over for about 2 years now. LOL As they were asking the radio show cast what their number would be I started thinking what would be my ideal number at the point in my life. Currently I am making approximately 20K a year and in doing so you don’t have much left over after you pay your mortgage, all utilities, and the odds and in that life throws our way. Right now I would love to increase my annual salary to approximately 36K. This would take a huge weight off my shoulders and just make life more comfortable but as I enter my career field and finish school I think that in the end a good 55K a year would be amazing and I could live a very comfortable life and raise a family without having to worry all the time or pinch pennies. It’s always nice to just go and do something because you want to and have the money to do it without taking away from something else. I’m not high maintenance by any means but sometimes I like to splurge here and there. ANYWAYS, I got on a roll….I thought that was a neat topic. So what would be your number?

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  1. If you're interested in moving a little closer to Dallas and are still in accounting or business, I can prob get you a job or at least interview if you are interested in public accounting. Starting pay out of college is close to 50k plus overtime and benefits. I would say on average in another 4 yrs you'd go up another 15k. Let me know of you're interested at all.


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