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Friday, January 29, 2010

Thailand: Days 4-9

Over the next few days Mia and I just mostly lounged and were total beach and pool bums. Over the whole vacation I read 5 books. Yes 5, but we did get out and about a little. On the fourth day of our trip we took a shuttle down to Patong beach. This is the most touristy beach in Phuket and has many places to get souvenirs. This is also the prime place for nightlife but you will here more about that in later entries. We were in town for a couple hours and we shopped until we ran out of money, LOL instead of until we dropped. We did get some really great buys. Mia bought things for EVERYONE and I bought my parent's souvenirs then things for myself. I guess I am stingy but this is my philosophy on souvenir shopping....I only by for my parents because if I start buying for my brothers then I have to buy for my brother's girlfriend, my step sisters, their kids, then I have to buy for my close friends and so the vicious cycle continues until everyone but me has a piece of Thailand. That is why I only buy for my parents and then for myself. I mean it is MY trip and I think a lot of times the people you buy for are grateful but it isn't really the same since they weren't actually there, so unless it is something really great it will probably end up in the trash some where down the line anyhow. Anyways back to the story, I got some really great buys: a dress, an awesome t-shirt, a knock-off Coach purse, and a few other things I can't remember. Mia also got some great things for our family members and herself.
This is the shopping center we shopped at. It is set up market style so it is covered but still all open underneath and you just go up and down the rows of shops. After an hour or so we figured out that EVERY shop had the same exact things but just at different prices. We bartered our way around anyways and you might find something different if you really looked.
This is just a glance down a half way busy street in Phuket. Thai people are CRAZY drivers. Not only do they drive these little motorcycles around like mad men they follow no sort of road rules. Oh and they drive on the "wrong" side LOL. I was constantly wondering how many accidents happen a day, week, year etc.
These are the bracelets that Mia and I got that matched.
Observe the tuk tuk. This little thing is a taxi truck (tuk tuk). As you can see from the picture, you just load up in the back and hang on for dear life. (we never took one)
Mia and I are now boogie board professionals. This is me riding a wave in. Mia never really got the hang of it. She got wiped about a few times along with myself. Sometimes those waves would just sneak up on us and eat us alive.
Mia making her way to do something????

Our first sunset. We never got any super good pictures but it was very pretty.
This is a view that is looking from the pool back towards the hotel. They had little fire torches in all sorts of pools and when they were all lit they were so pretty.
Me trying out the water slide.
Mia was obsessed with getting pictures by these turtles.
Mia and I just relaxing at the pool.
The pictures above and below are of a sunset ceremony that the hotel did about every other day, I believe. These acrobatic dancers would dance around as the men were in the middle playing the drums and twirling fire sticks. It was very neat to watch.

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