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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thailand: Day 3

On the third day in Thailand, after sunning ourselves at one of the other pools and hanging out at the beach we went to see the famous Phuket FantaSea. In short this is a Las Vegas style show that explains how the Phuket people came to be. According to the story, when the land was in a great war the king road up from the city in the ocean on his magic elephant and saved the land. The show was great. They had live elephants, acrobats, fire, and it was so colorful. Mia and I really enjoyed it. The park that it was set in was great too. It was a little kid's or a grown up that wants to be a kid again's fantasy.
On our way to FantaSea
The entrance

Our buffet restaurant
OK, these deserve a grand explanation. I had to take a picture of this little treat so I can make them when I get back in my kitchen. This is the ultimate banana desert. Pretty much it is a little crispy tortilla wafer thing on the bottom, a banana pudding type custard, slice of banana and a meringue cookie on top. All this was stacked into a bite size treat, these little snacks beat out any type of banana pudding plus can you say portion control. LOL!

Mia with a crazy mannequin. We had never seen mannequins with exciting facial expressions and wildly spray painted hair before.
Mia and I playing fair games...we didn't win :(
This globe was so beautiful. It is made entirely out of crystals and cost over 10 thousand dollars. I would love to have something like this in my home, maybe not as extravagant but just as beautiful.
Mia with her crazy tiger man.
The elephant palace
Me in front of the elephant palace before the show.

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