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Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have no idea what to call this post or this little project I just thought of but I was looking for a picture of "sleep" to go along with the previous post and I stumbled across all these really fantastic pictures. I know that there are a million cool pictures floating around and my new goal is each day to post a photo that I like. It may range from futuristic to simple to fantasy but I promise they will be really cool and sometimes inspirational. The title of each post will be the keyword of how I find each photo for example, LOVE. I am going on vacation in a few days so I will be absent most of this month but I will start it today, do it until I leave, and then I will pick back up when I get back. I am not big into photography, especially in Iraq so this is sort of my own spin on the Project 365. Stay tuned!

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