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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thailand: Day 1&2

1. We arrived in Thailand on January 8th and Mia and I were both really tired. Mia had been traveling for around 36 hours and I had been traveling for a day not to mention the never ending stress and work schedule I had been on, so we stayed in that first afternoon and enjoyed our room and all its anemities. We took pictures of our room and then we each took a LLLOOONNNGGG hot relaxing bath. Our room was so awesome along with our hotel and all things that went with it. Just imagine the resorts you see on TV and you just know they are too expensive to ever stay in.....it was that nice without the expense. LOL I highly recommend this hotel. I could just go on and on but everything was great there. I had no complaints and I don't think Mia did either. Anyways back to it....after we each lounged in the bathtub, we ordered some room service and napped in our little window nook and watched movies. I know... lame but we were soooooooooo tired. Below are some pictures of us arriving and our awesome room.
Mia and I arriving in Phuket. You can sort of see the welcome sign in the background.
This is the view from a part of the lobby. This is the reflection pool and is on the second floor of the hotel. As you can see the view takes you right to the veiw of the ocean.
This is another portion of the lobby. It is all open air and so beautiful. If I ever have a beach or lake house I am for sure going to model it like this. I love it.
This is one part of our room. In the left is our little nook area with a big picture window and then our mini balcony. Our room was HUGE and by far the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in!
This is Mia being goofy with bubbles. We really enjoyed our big tub since neither one of us have one in Iraq and at college.

2. On our second day we were beach and pool bums. We started out just walking around checking out our new home for the next two weeks and we settled at the "orange pool" or the biggest and main pool. I have never seen a bigger and more awesome swimming pool. It went from a very shallow kiddy pool complete with fountains, bubbles, and water slide, then moved on from waist deep to probably about 15 feet deep or more. I have no clue but it was awesome and once you got past the kid part it was infinity. Mia and I settled into our chairs and looked out over our swimming pool right into the ocean. I know AWESOME. Once we got tired of basking under our umbrellas we headed down to the beach to boogie board and lay in the sand. See below for some pictures of the orange pool and our first days of relaxation. (please notice the Megan ghost that is present....by the end of the trip I will no longer be transparent LOL)
This is the main swimming pool, complete with waterslide.
Looking south down the beach.
Me frollicking in the waves.
Mia and I our first day...getting our tan on!
That night for dinner we had SUSHI!!! This was me and Mia's first experience with sushi and I have to say it went very well. We had a tuna appetizer that was superb with some traditional hot sake and for our meal we had REAL ramen noodles and a dish of various types of sushi. The tuna rolls were my favorite! I will for sure be eating it again when I get the chance. See below for the pictures and yes the orange little beads are salmon eggs with sticky rice underneath wrapped in seaweed. Hey don't knock it unitl you have tried it!! (MOM)
Me and Mia seated at the sushi bar.
Drinking traditional hot sake...pretty much hot wine. I believe next time I will take it chilled.

Our sushi platter from the left to right we have... tuna, salmon, ???white???, shrimp, ?brown?, salmon eggs, and finally the best...tuna rolls..mmmm mmmm yyyyuuuummm.

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  1. Sushi is wonderful! YOur hair is so long! You look so pretty! I miss you and I am so glad that your trip went well and that you didn't get kidnapped by drug/sex ring traficers.


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