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Friday, January 29, 2010

Thailand: Day 10

Day 10 of our Thailand trip we took the James Bond Island excursion. The James Bond movie "The Man With the Golden Gun" was filmed around this rock island and is the area's claim to fame. It was an all day trip that started out about 30 minutes from our hotel. It consisted of 2 cave visits, James Bond Island, and another little island for beach and relaxation. They served us an authentic Thai lunch that was very good and our guides were very informed of the area. There were only about 12 people on our trip so the boat wasn't crowded and everyone had there own space and time to relax. That made it really nice. Mia and I really enjoyed this trip and loved looking at the outer geography of the island. Our guide told us that there are over 40 limestone islands around Phuket. WOW! I had to say I was VERY glad for this trip to come because Mia finally had a reason to hum the James Bond theme song. Ever since I told her about it she had been killing me with the tune. LOLThe beginning of the trip at the boat dock.
The whole day we were constantly seeing these local fisherman with their gondola type boats.

On our way into the first cave. Our boat crew timed the excursion at a specific time because the tides come in and out and block off the entrance and exits of the caves. At some places the tide was high and the space so small we had to lay down in our boat to fit through.
Right after this picture was taken we were paddling around and our guide pointed out a nice meaty snake wrapped around a rock shard. EEEEWWWW

Going inside the second cave. This was more of a labyrinth of channels and rock formations that was sssoooo pretty. Our guide was so fun and helped us notice a lot of things that we would have never seen. I am sure that is from him doing the same trip daily. He pointed out many rocks that had been transformed into creatures. We saw a rock that looked like a Buddha and also one that looked like a dog head. There are also monkeys living on some of the islands but unfortunately we didn't see any that day.
Our canoe guide also was a great photographer. He was constantly telling us to pose here and there and he was very happy to take our picture. We were always having to lay down to come in and out of the small spaces in the rocks so he took this picture for us. I look like I am giving birth the Mia!!! LOL

The famous...drum roll please....JAMES BOND ISLAND

This is the island that had the big beach for us to relax and swim. We mainly just loaded up on some really neat sea shells and laid out.

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