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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Workout...Update #3

This is about 3 months late but I still want to go ahead and post these things just to look back on for myself in later times.  These stats and things are from April until now so please bare with me.  

The end of September to the beginning of October I have a huge fitness post coming up with exciting events taking place so stay tuned!

New Personal Record- I completed my second 1 rep max with in 10 months of lifting.  I maxed out on April 7, 2015 with bench press at 120 lbs deadlift at 170 lbs and squat at 265 lbs

  • As of April 7 I had lost a total of 17.7 inches across my body, 10 pounds in 10 months but really in the past 4 months as I didn't "loose" a whole lot in the first 6 months but my body still changed dramatically.  
  • In the last 4 month I've cleaned up my diet to no cheating, no lots of things, and super prepping my meals on Sundays.  I've learned that CLEAN eating is the key and also for me being organized with my meals helps a ton.  If I'm not organized and prepped when my week starts everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  Not only do I feel guilty and like crap, I eat out, I eat leftovers, I eat crap, I just give up until the next week.  I'm sure this isn't the best attitude to have, every day is a new day but meal prep is so time consuming, if it doesn't get done on Saturday or Sunday then it isn't happening during the week so the only thing to do is make it through the week the best I can and start again the coming weekend.

I started a Prime Nutrition supplement stack in May.  You can review and research my stack HERE!  I have loved these supplements but there are a few things that I want to continue using through Prime Nutrition and also some others I want to go back to and also some new ones I want to try. I'm always a firm believer in Optimum Nutrition's supplements.  I love their protein and their BCAAs.  Prime has some really good products that I haven't found anywhere else but also I'm dying to try Shredz supplements.  I guess we will see.  I'm finishing up my Prime Nutrition supplements so now is the time to really decide on which direction I want to go with as my next round is really important.

For the past 4 months I've been making my own workouts and I've literally been kicking my own ass.  I've really amped up my cardio and intensity of workouts for some upcoming events and for my own motivation!

A little this and that:
  • We saw the latest Fast and Furious movie when it came out and the Furious 7 sound track is great cardio music!
  • Bodybuilding.com is a great resource for learning, finding plans, forums, and ordering supplements
  • I've started back to smoothie making.  I ordered a Vitamix and love it.  The clean up is easy, it will blend anything and it makes the perfect breakfast smoothie!
  • Celestial Bodiez leggings are my favorite workout attire these days!  Get your's HERE

I love the results I've started really seeing in my body changes and can't wait for the next few months!


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