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Friday, September 18, 2015

Hendrik's Mexican Fiesta Part 1

Every time we have a special occasion I really try to make my gifts meaningful and personalized.  Hendrik is super hard to buy for not only because he buys everything for himself but he's not real big on surprises so when his birthday started to get close this year the pressure was on.  I knew I wanted to do a little weekend get-a-way for a night or two for just us to really relax and get some good quality time away from work and the regular routine.  I was thinking Dallas or maybe Shreveport so I asked Elizabeth for help. She suggested I check out Hotwire and thats just what I did.  I immediately saw all the great deals and I got hearts in my eyes...the possibilities for a reasonably priced weekend just skyrocketed and my city get-a-way to Dallas quickly turned into a 3 night surprise birthday weekend in Cabo!  

I had planned on using clues to slowly tell Hendrik about the surprise but a friend suggested that I tell him before hand so he would be more prepared seeing he had a few big jobs going on.  I told him Sunday morning and he was excited to leave Friday and come home Monday September 14th.  

We got up and headed to the airport Friday morning (9/11/15) around 4 am for our flight that left at 7.  We parked and made it through security just in time without having to wait too long.  We connected in San Diego and arrived in Cabo at 1:30.  We checked into the beautiful Sheraton resort, changed, and got to exploring and catching the rays. 

entrance to the hotel that peaked through and showed us the ocean

garden view room

the one pool closest to our room that we took advantage of at night

the second pool that was closest to our room that was empty the entire time 

the view from our pool

roof top view

Excited to be here and start the weekend celebrating Hendrik turning 28!

Birthday boy ready to explore

drink menu....so many choices

the other end of our hotel's property

checking it all out

The waves were so big all around our resort and everywhere that we never got in the ocean the entire trip.  This is the "rainy" season so things that are going on in the Pacific ocean will effect the coastline up to 150 miles out.

drinks before dinner
We ate at one of the 7 restaurants on the property and it was a steakhouse.  The food everywhere was amazing!

catch of the day fish ceviche

Hendrik had the NY strip

I had the salmon with Mexican rice

Our first day in Mexico was so awesome and we were so excited to be off with each other for a long weekend of relaxing and exploring a new place!  To top the trip off since it was low season and "rainy" season Cabo was pretty much empty.  We got great deals had awesome privacy and really got to enjoy the town and our time without fighting the summer crowds.

 Stay tuned for the next few days of our trip!

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