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Friday, September 18, 2015

Hendrik's Mexican Fiesta Part 3

If you missed the first two parts of our get-a-way for Hendrik's birthday go HERE and HERE

Sunday September 13th was our last full day before traveling back home and was also Hendrik's birthday.  We had a fantastic breakfast complete with custom omelets and fruit before heading into town on the 10:30 shuttle to catch our snorkel boat.  I'll tell you one thing....Cabo at 11 am is DEAD!!!  We strolled around the entire marina to find our snorkel trip had been canceled due to heavy rains early that morning and we missed the call made to our room to notify us.  We were bummed but understood and decided to figure out what to do next.  On our walk back around the marina Hendrik stopped to talk with some fishing guides. He struck a deal with one and for $200 we could both go sea fishing for 5 hours.  I got a good look at the boat and wasn't too enthused but it was  Hendrik's birthday and he had brought up fishing a couple times on the trip so I sucked it up and said...yep sure if thats what you want to do I'm game!

We set off right at noon and once we were by the Arch and in the Pacific Ocean the deep thunderous waves were sloshing our little boat all over the place.  I threw up within the next 45 minutes and did so over the course of the...what turned into a 6 hour fishing expedition.  I wanted to ask to turn back so many times but kept powering through because I really didn't want to impose on Hendrik's good time and have him leave empty handed.  At 4 we headed back towards shore to tuna fish.  We had been trolling approximately 10 miles off the shore for marlin but had no luck.  We weren't in the tuna spot for long before Hendrik had a hit on his line.  

He fought the fish for a few minutes but then had it in the boat.  As soon as he cast his line and strung it out again he immediately caught a Jack.  I was thankful...now maybe we can head in.  5 o'clock was approaching quickly and that meant our time was up.  Our captain had different plans and didn't want to head back quiet yet.  So many other fishing boats were having luck with tuna that we had just had so we tried for another hour to catch a few more but were unsuccessful.

We headed back in and once we were back in the Sea of Cortez the waters were calmer.  While the water was calm Hendrik captained the boat while the driver filet the tuna for us to take for dinner.

Like we had seen the day prior a sea lion saw us coming in and followed us for a while for snacks. We had already gotten rid of the scrap of the tuna but we had lots of minos left and were trying to feed them to him.  He was so cute!

Our captain recommended a fantastic restaurant that was up the docks a bit to cook our tuna so we headed out.  We were essentially Solomon's Landing only customer and our waiter gave us great suggestions on how they could prepare the fish for us.  

We chose a sashimi appetizer that was a bit spicy and super tasty.  

For our dinner we couldn't decide on just one recipe for the rest of the tuna so we told the waiter to have the cook prepare it in all 4 ways and OMG....let me tell you that this was the best tasting fish I've ever eaten.  Not only was the sauces and other ingredients so tasty and buttery but the fish itself was just so different.  We were actually eating a fish that was caught an hour ago and you could definitely taste it.  

caught and now eating his own birthday dinner

We left with super fat bellies but were so happy with the results. Not only was it the freshest and tastiest meal we had so far in Mexico it had also been the next to cheapest.  (our tacos the day before totaled about $15)  I dream of that fish today!!

After dinner we had to wait a bit for the shuttle to take us back to the hotel so we walked around the mall a bit and grabbed an ice cream.  After returning to the hotel we hit the hot tub and then stayed up late watching movies.

Monday morning we slept in, took our time packing, checking out, and had an early lunch at the hotel before heading to the airport.  We had a long afternoon of traveling and got home at 1 am ready for Tuesday!

happy and sunburnt suntanned travelers
This Mexican get-a-way for Hendrik's birthday was the best idea for us this year.  We had such a good time and really it was just what we both needed.  We have been so busy with work and normal life lately that we really wanted to relax.  The Sheraton Hacienda del Mar was a fantastic resort.  It was so beautiful and every one was very accommodating.  I said before but also for note...we will definitely travel during the low season again it was so private.

Until next time....

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