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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Garden 2015

Boy is this post delayed but I'm glad I waited because my garden, along with everyone else's sucked this year.  
I started off with the best of intentions by adding size, more variety of vegetables, and increased quantity of each plant but then the 2015 Texas monsoon season hit us!

While it rained I was able to keep the grass and weeds out of my garden and other than making ditches for drainage my garden was thriving. 
Then it kept raining and kept raining and kept raining well into May.  That's when I knew it wasn't going to be that great.  By this point I still have my plants but they weren't able to really produce or grow in size due to the rain and lack of extended sunshine.  

By the time it stopped raining the sun came out and hasn't quit. In a week's time what was stunted and lush was now just simply burnt.  My tomatoes and bell pepper plants survived but they aren't producing much at all.  

Hendrik is hell bent on saving the bell peppers but they aren't putting out hardly anything at all.  The grass and weeds took over the rest of the garden and I've given up.  I've talked to tons of others about their gardens this year and they have all had the same luck.  

This year in gardening just wasn't a good year.  Hendrik tells me that's just part of it some years will be great and then some not so great.  
The only people that I noticed had a great garden while it was raining was the people with raised beds.  The raised bed gardens were able to drain and the plants were still able to grow and produce but again once the rain quit they were burnt by the sun.  

The pictures I have are from the beginning of the process when I was oh so hopeful and dreaming of a lot of spaghetti sauce.  

Until next year garden...I'm going to make you my bitch!

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