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Friday, September 18, 2015

Hendrik's Mexican Fiesta Part 2

Check out Part 1 HERE!

Saturday September 12th we got suckered into a timeshare presentation near our resort and that took up most of our morning.  Afterwards we decided to take a shuttle into town to explore a bit as the next day we had a snorkel trip planned.  

When we got to town I had gotten water taxi tickets to see the famous Arch but before we headed off in the boat Hendrik wanted to find a lunch spot.  A local information clerk told us of a local spot a bit off the normal strip so we had our map and headed off to find Los Claros!  OMG the fish tacos were amazing.  They came plain then you went to a buffet style fixings bar to add your sauces and garnishes.

I had the smoked marlin taco and a smoked marlin quesadilla.  They were both the best authentic tacos I've ever eaten and they were the first EVER fish tacos I had eaten.  So YUMMY!!

Hendrik chose a variety of 4 different tacos and he really like all of them.

On our way back to the marina we saw a fish pedicure spot and knew we just had to try it.  Hendrik was a bit skeptical at first but I convinced him and then we talked with the girl running the shop that day and were both sold.  We each did a 10 minute pedicure.  I've seen this type of pedicure in Thailand and in other parts of Asia but had never tried it. I'm glad we ran into it.  It was such a fun and new experience to try together.  Our feet felt so soft for the remainder of the weekend and we could really tell the difference.

After the pedicures it showered a bit so we snuck into a restaurant at the marina and had chips and salsa to wait out the rain.  Once it quit we found our water taxi driver and headed to see The Arch.  On our way out of the marina several fishing boats were coming in and the sea lions would swim up on the back of the inboard motor boats to get a little snack. It was so cute watching them.

the water was so clear and saw some awesome fish.  I wanted to hop out and snorkel right there but we didn't have any gear with us.

in front of Lover's Beach

the famous Arch rock formation 

It just thought this was a funny picture and pretty much sums us both up LOL

After our tour of the bay and the Arch we grabbed a shuttle back to the resort to spend the rest of the day hanging by the pool and relaxing.

That night for dinner we decided on the sushi bar at the hotel.  It was awesome sushi...very fresh and we watched the chef prepare all our rolls right in front of us.

After dinner we took a sunset stroll around the resort property and I got these pretty pictures of the sky.  After our walk we headed to the hot tub near our room then ordered room service dessert!  It was a perfect day of exploring, trying new things, and spending great time with each other!

Look for my next and last post on our Mexican get-a-way!

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