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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Family Beach Vacation

May 31st through June 4 Hendrik and I went with my entire family down to Destin for my second ever family vacation.  My first family vacation was when my parents were still married and I was like 12...the awkward years LOL!!  A year ago my mom went with Mike on a haul to Florida for a mini getaway and fell in love with the area.  As soon as she got home she searched and booked an oceanside condo for our entire family and our little families.  We had 2 weddings on Saturday the 30th so didn't leave with the rest of the group.  We left early Sunday morning and Destin, one of my brothers best friends, rode with us.

I had to get a picture of each state sign and did really good all but Florida.  They have this little puny sign and I couldn't get all my stuff situated quick enough to snap it.  We got to the house around 3 that afternoon if I remember right and went straight to relaxing.  We sat on the beach a bit and before sunset Hendrik and I helped Colby pull off a very sweet proposal to Lara.  

As everyone was visiting up at the house before dinner was cooked we walked down the beach a bit and wrote "WILL YOU MARRY ME" in the sand.  Hendrik stayed behind to make sure that no one walked on it and my brother and Lara went on their walk.  I raced up to the house and we were all on the balcony visiting recording the entire thing.  It was so sweet and Lara was very surprised.

Their engagement was the perfect start to our family vacation!

The rest of the week was spent sunning, drinking, eating, visiting, and just hanging out together.  By the end of the week I think everyone had been mad/aggravated at someone if not all of the family one time or the other.  It is hard to throw 15 people who don't spend more than a few hours together a week in a house and stay put for an entire week's time and expect for it all to be cupcakes and rainbows.  There was junk food, wet bathing suits, and little girl toys strewn from the ocean to the parking lot but we all had the best time.  I think the trip was more for Mike and Mom, they enjoy us all being together way more than we all enjoy hanging out with each other. LOL  Parents!  I think this will probably become a tradition especially now that more babies are showing up in our family and we are all contributing to a fun family time away.

best parents ever

nieces- Avery and Gracie

Colby and Lara- and inside baby Case
Caleb, me and Colby

all the kids minus Audrey 

the entire family

each family unit behind our leaders! :)

4 amigos- they go on all of each other's family vacations!!!! Destiny, Caleb, Braxton, and Noah

me and Hendrik

I can't wait to see next year's pictures as we will have two new babies in there and I'm sure we will all have changed a lot in a year's time. 

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