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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Full Steam Ahead

Wow January 29th already... time really does fly.  I thought I'd do a little catch up informative post just to notate all that I've been up to and a few random things.

~ School started back January 13th which is the LAST semester of my undergrad although I'm driving to Commerce one night a week and the next night drive to downtown Dallas plus one online class there is a definite end in sight and it really gives me that push I need.  I plan on starting my graduate program in June during the Summer 1 semester.
~ I'm officially being nickeled and dimed $30 and $40ed out for fees- graduation fee, grad school application fee, parking ticket WHOMP, parking permit, parking garage fees when I'm downtown and the list is really never ending
~ I went duck hunting with Hendik this past weekend.  It was a cool experience but I can't see myself becoming a dedicated duck hunter it's a bit hit or miss
~ We are having a super bowl party and so I'm hurriedly building a fun, different, snack menu for game day
~ I haven't been very good at taking pics but I do have good intentions....does this make it better? LOL
~ I'm trying to get into a fitness routine, we've been eating healthier which entails pretty much cutting out fast food and going out to eat out all together and I've started making us breakfast smoothies.  So far I've lost 5 lbs of my goal weight loss I hope to know out the rest real soon and if I meet me goal I'm getting new swim suite for a vacay and for the upcoming summer.  I plan on being on the boat and water as much as possible and it's not like any girl NEEDS a new swim suite but you always HAVE to get a new one. Didn't you know they are like collectibles. LOL
~ Work the past month has been crazy with OT being thrown in which I never complain about and when I'm not working at work I'm reading school books on my lunch hour!!!

Overall that's all I got plus some of my favorite picks for my swim purchase that I hope to make after I shed the LBs!

I love the black and white, the blossoms in blue are way different than any suite I currently have and I think it brings a nice feminine flare that softens me. LOL  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sequin bottom and turquoise top..I think it is probably my top pick and then that awesome fun back and printed bottom on the bottom is also great.  The back of that suite is what really attracted me.  I'll be sure to post which one IF any I get!

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