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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Road Trippin'

Ya’ll I have BIG news or as Elizabeth would say EPIC news!!!! 
I’m going on my first ever road trip and not just any road trip a girls road trip on a holiday weekend to a place I’ve never been. SCORE!!!
This idea sprang up last Monday during a phone conversation and don’t ask me how it got brought up but pretty much I’d never been to this place Elizabeth had but said she’d go back with me and then says….
 I said yea that would be fun. Tuesday when she was working from Quitman we finalized the date and we're apparently actually doing this. 
Thursday  we booked our condo, designed our t-shirts and put in for a work holiday. 
Yeah…it came together fast just like any spontaneous trip should. 
I have to order our shirts when I get back from my Costa Rican vacay and then we just have to watch the countdown on our iPhones deplete to 0.
I’ve never been on a road trip and I haven’t been on a girls trip since my Mom and I took one to San Antonio back in 2012. See HERE!  We are both really excited and we can’t wait to pack up my Jeep with our bags, beach chair, cooler of groceries, some kick ass music, and lots of snacks for the road because we are driving to GULF SHORES, ALABAMA!!!

Here’s our route via Google Maps

Here’s our condo via Airbnb! 
you can't copy the pictures but you can view the website:
I’m finally going to get to use and experience travel with Airbnb and we are really excited about this.  We really wanted to do this on the cheaper and spontaneous side so a beach condo is the only way to go.  Not only is our condo over 100 cheaper than the area hotels it’s on the beach and contains a full kitchen so we can make our own meals.  Our plan right now is to cook breakfast and lunch and possibly one night of dinner and then experience the town on the other night. 
  99 days until M.E. Road Trip 2014
(yes we even have a moniker and this is going to be the first year of many road trips)

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