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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who's Your Mentor?

The first week of my ethics class my professor asked the class who our mentor was. 
I had several in mind like my work girls Cindy, Elizabeth, Donna, and my Mom.  These are obvious because mothers should be our life mentors and the others all have different experience in the banking field and we can easily bounce ideas off each other to get a different perspective but the person who sprung to mind the most was Hendrik. 
We are best friends and I think that the person you’re in a committed relationship has to be your best friend.  Someone who can give you advice when needed, pick you up when your down, and someone who is going to stand by you no matter what.  I believe that Hendrik and I are that for each other and he is definitely one of my mentors.  Not only does he bring great perspective to the table regarding all aspects of life since we have different experiences but he is always willing to be honest no matter if that means busting my bubble. 
Do you agree or disagree? 
Who’s your mentor(s)?

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