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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Wrapped Up

The last half of December was awesome!
Starting with my birthday week. 
Monday, my birthday, started and ended with a bang and it really couldn't have been any better. 
Tuesday and really the rest of the week I was on cloud 9. 
My happiness and good things just kept on happening.  Tuesday I found out that I PASSED both my classes and was set to FINALLY graduate in the Spring!!!
Can I get an amen? 
This is only a baby step but by passing my classes that were really hard allows me to finish up my degree and stay within my financial aid budget...even allowing me a bit of money back. 
That's two scores...
Wednesday my last birthday present from Hendrik finally arrived in the mail and I think I'm even more in love with the man LOL. 

He got me a Fossil purse from their new line and I love it so much. 
Thursday I found out a got another huge raise which carried me onto Friday
well Fridays are just born awesome. 

Needless to say I had an amazing week.

In other news of December:

We visited the North Pole of East Texas and drove through the Christmas light display.  It was so pretty and a nice wrap up to a Saturday night.

Went on two different sushi date nights

Celebrated several different Christmases with family and racked up with this little buddy.  The mint robot sweeper and mopper.  I love him and have put him to good use a couple times already.  I didn't do well on pictures. Whomp!

On the 27th my house officially went on the market

and I ended the last day of the year by officially selling my little camper, Peggy Sue.  An old man bought her for his wife as a surprise it was so sweet!

December was awesome and Hendrik and I have a fun date night planned tonight for Texarkana to start 2014 the right way!

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  1. Megan !! I've thought about you often and wondered how you were doing! I'm so happy you are wrapping up your classes! You sound happy! Does that little robot vacuum work good? Why are you selling your house? Catch me up on everything! You know ladies are buying those little trailers and fixing them up and go camping with other women! I'd love to do that! I'm just enjoying retirement and my granddaughters. Aaron and his wife had their first baby Dec 2. She is precious. Her name is Raegan. You probably seen her on my blog. :) anyway, write me! Miss talking to you! Love, Patti


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