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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jungle Fever

I'm so excited to say that in just 5 short weeks I'll be enjoying a plane ride to 7 glorious days in Costa Rica with the love of my life. 
This vacation is going to be a dream come true in many ways.  Not only are Hendrik and I taking a once in a lifetime trip together it's going to be the beginning of such wonderful adventures around the world for us. 
I searched the Internet high and low the first couple weeks in January after it was announced to me over a New Year's Day dinner that we needed to vacation in March while I was on spring break from school. 
Hey do you know who you're talking too....you had me at vacation! 
But after trying to please this picky an open minded honey of mine I needed a vacation from planning our vacation. LOL  I searched all over Airbnb because we both really wanted a beach house but I couldn't find one that had everything Hendrik was looking for.  I searched other countries...I search and searched and searched...oh and did I mention I searched. 

I came across the best deal ever but before he made up his mind it was snatched up and booked for our dates.  We both really wanted a vacation that we could have the freedom to really see the real Costa Rica and I was totally against an all inclusive resort type vacation because in my opinion you just can't get real culture and a travel experience out of that... hence the house search. 
I was down to the end of my patients (they aren't long to start with) and so I turned to Groupon.  I logged in to see what they had to offer and found an awesome deal...after searching the web for reviews and such I discovered the travel agency putting on this great deal sucked but it gave me the idea and foundation I needed....I was off to the races.

I took their itinerary and fixed it to our liking.  Hendrik finally approved of my doings and we booked it a couple Monday's ago.

Here's what we got:

**Flying in to San Jose Costa Rica
**Hop into our mini economy rental (read mini economy, yes love or anger will be in the air) LOL
**Drive north about 2 hours
**Arrive at our hotel in the jungle for a 3 night stay

With things like waterfalls, blue lagoons, hanging bridges over the forest canopy, and volcanoes all within the area I think these three days are going to be the adventure part of our trip.

After our 3rd night we check out and drive West to the coast and stay at a beach resort near nightlife, sun, drinks, lots of sand, and relaxation in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica for 3 nights for the relaxation portion of our program.

After our jungle hikes and beach relaxation we check out and drive back into San Jose for a day and night of city exploring before our flight out the following day.

Bring on the culture, the reading of maps, lots of laughs, and many adventures! 
I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful, giving, and loving man in my life who adores me and our relationship just as much as I do. OH and it helps he loves traveling and doesn't shy away from new experiences just as much as I do!!!

Don't worry I'll be sure to give you every detail and photo dump overload when we return.

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