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Friday, September 28, 2012

Want List #2

After posting my first want list, a few days later it dawned on me that UUHHH I had forgot some pretty important things that I had been thinking about...
so here ya go!
this sports watch

THIS Fossil purse
For the past 2 years I have bought myself a little birthday present and I might do the same this year if I don't get this amazing bag from someone who loves me.  I used to be obsessed with buying purses, just ask my mom, but as I've grown up there are more important things to buy and save for (rain gutters) so the extravagances of personal style suffer but that's my own choice and one I'm perfectly fine with.  Any who I love this bag and I have been carrying the SAME purse for almost a year now...GASP....
I know the horror!!! 

I would love all the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks and a little road trip to her ranch if possible.  I love watching her show on Saturday mornings as I drink my coffee.  Sometimes you can tell she is a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera because her lines seem a little rehearsed but her recipes are always good and is something I would actually cook and people around my parts would actually eat. It's nothing Martha Stewart fancy....you know what I mean?  I also follow her blog and she has some good stuff on there and it's also more herself...or what I perceive to be herself. LOL
This amazing pair of tennys Nike Air Max+ 2012 

Well I do believe that's all I have now folks!

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