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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall To Do List

I hope it starts to cool off soon because I'm really ready to get going on my Fall activities.  I get to mark off one next weekend for sure but I hope to accomplish a lot more of these.....
1 Have a date night and see Taken 2- *update* missed it in theaters going to have to wait until DVD

This movie looks amazing.  We loved the first one so I'm anxious to see how this one turns out.  I think this would make a great middle of the week dinner and a movie date!

 2 Go to the Texas State Fair- completed October 8, 2012
I haven't been to the state fair in years and only one time in my life.  I was little and went to the dairy show...fun I know.  I want to go and experience the heart attack that's been fried food and the over priced rides. YES!
3 Terror Trails- its probably been 5 years since I went to Terror Trails with a group of friends and this year I told Lincoln I for sure want to get some people together and hit it up in the month of October.  My best memory of Terror Trails is when NaShae and I went when we were probably 3rd grade, not sure really but her Dad took us. We laughed so hard I'm pretty sure something edible came from our noses and we sang Strawberry Wine at the top of our lungs.  Oh too be young again. LOL
4 Attend NaShae & Ryan's house warming/ gender reveal party-  Speaking of NaShae next weekend I am heading to Benbrook to see NaShae's new home which knowing her is bound to be A-MAZE-ING and also cut the cake to find out if their new addition is a boy or girl.  To top it off Piper and I are staying at NaShae's that night for a slumber party.  It's going to be so much fan, as it always is when we are all together.  We will get to visit and spend some QT before the baby gets here and we all get absorbed back into our own lives.  completed October 6, 2012
5 Get-a-way in Oklahoma- On the 19th me, Lincoln, Casey, Kaylynn, Lara, and Colby are heading up to Beaver's Bend for a cabin getaway.  I can't wait for the HOPEFULLY cool air, changing leaves, hiking, and wine drinking. completed thru October 21, 2012
6 Repaint trim on house- I have only had the 5 gallons of paint for the past 6 months! So in the next few weeks I plan on enlisting my brother's help and getting the outside of the house repainted...its just the trim and the porch not like the walls, which are brick, whew...thank goodness because that would be a job!
7 Hike/walk the Mineola Nature Preserve

It is Texas so there's not much "hiking" here in the Eastern part but whatever.  A girl at work was telling me about this little gem and I think it would make a great Saturday afternoon trip or whenever.  Bring a sack lunch and wear your sneakers.  Plus it's only like 25 miles away from home.
8 Visit Lake Bob Sandlin State Park for camping, bike riding, or trail walking
9 Camp in the backyard- The weather was so cool and breezy a few weeks ago I told Lincoln that one night we needed to pitch the tent in the backyard and enjoy the nice weather.  It's the best kind of camping... no packing, no extra grocery shopping...just set up and in the morning run back to the house and eat a hot breakfast.   Sounds like a perfect plan!
10 Make many fires in the fire pit and roast marshmallows- this goes right along with my camping in the backyard.
11 Carve pumpkins- I love carving pumpkins even though I'm not the best artist.  completed October 23, 2012
Stay tuned for posts that prove I'm accomplishing my Fall To Do List.

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  1. I am so excited about next weekend and our slumber party :):):) and yes, terror trails is the bessssst!!!


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