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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lights, Ornaments, & Christmas Trees

If you know me then you know I am a total weirdo and get great joy out of the smallest and simplest things in life. One of these joys is Christmas time and the hassle of putting up all the decorations, lights on the house, and cooking tons of holiday goodies. This year I won't be home to make the holiday goodies or put lights up on the house but I did put up the tree. I couldn't wait another minute after Thanksgiving to get a little holiday cheer so Thanksgiving night Tee and I put up the tree. Well actually, I put of the tree and Tee hung our stockings (socks) with care on the book shelf. LOL Hey when you are in a war zone you make do sooo.... check out our pictures below. Tonight I have to go home and wrap presents, another great but simple joy!!!
Tee hanging our socks with care.I am fixing all the branches and getting ready to install the decorations.TAAAA DDDAAAAA!!!!


  1. Love the tree!! Tee looks like he's really concentrating on hanging those "stockings"! Wish yall were here for Christmas!! Love, Mom

  2. Love your tree! Very cute! PS I love your "stockings" :-)


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