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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FINALLY...Julie & Julia

FINALLY... I have been waiting months for our Iraqi shops to get in the movie Julie & Julia. I bugged the poor man twice a week for so long that eventually I would walk in and he would see me and just shake his head NO! LOL He even promised me that WHEN he did get the movie in that I would get it for free. After watching it the night before last, I can tell you it was wwweeeeellllll worth the wait. I love to cook and lately I have REALLY been missing my kitchen and all that goes with it. After watching the movie I am now so inspired to do a Julie/Julia type project myself. I don't so much need or want to blog about it but I would love to cook my way through a certain cookbook in a set time limit. I might blog every once in a while about a recipe if it really catches my taste buds by surprise or I might blog just updating but it would more than likely NOT be an every day every recipe type deal. I think it would be a great experience trying new and challenging recipes and it would be fun. I would probably gain around 50 lbs! LOL I haven't had a lot of French cuisine that I know of so I don't really think that Julia Child's cookbook is one I would like to do right off the bat. I would prefer Paula Dean or Rachael Ray. They are more my type. I do love trying new things but I want some comforting things that are spun a different way with some totally new techniques and ideas thrown in to mix things up. I would also like to cook from a chef that I am more familiar with because after the project is through I will be more prone to re-cook some, if not all, of the recipes I conquered. Needless to say I loved the movie and if you haven't seen it I HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you are 20 something Betty Homemaker type LOL or just a Betty Homemaker type at any age!!!!

Bon appetit

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  1. I SOO want to see it. Maybe I will cook my way through a cookbook this summer...let us now how yours goes if you do it! Love and miss ya


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