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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Unless you have been living in a hole over the past couple of years you are sure to have heard about the TWILIGHT SAGA. After months of Rachael pestering all of us to read the books because they were to die for, I finally gave in and bought them on my Kindle. I read them all in about 2 months I think. The Twilight movie was out already but I had heard that is wasn't as good as the book. I wanted to finish reading the book before I watched the movie so I could really see the difference (if there was any). I haven't ever been much of a reader but now I really am. I am usually the person who has seen the movie but never read the book. This occasion was different and in a GREAT way. The books are the BEST EVER and the movies in my opinion will never do the book justice but I am a TWI-HARD fan, book and movie. After I saw the movie I couldn't wait for all the new movies to keep coming. Now that the countdown is almost over for NEW MOON to hit theaters I had to get all worked up. I am right in the middle of "The Lost Symbol" or I would be re-reading the saga, instead I have been watching Twilight, getting my hands on every magazine that has to do with it and all over the Internet keeping up with all the Robert/Kristen gossip and all that goes with it so....................back to my original post-

I was on the Internet looking for the books in PDF format to download to my work computer so I could read them at my desk in between task. In the process I found a link that said download all 5 Twilight books...I thought when did another one come out without me knowing so I started frantically researching this unknown fact. I got my answer on the Stephanie Meyers website. You can click here to read the post and at the end you can download a partial manuscript to a 5th installment which is called Midnight Sun. It is Edwards version of what happened as the first 4 are from Bella's point of view. Either way I downloaded it and read it all at work on Sunday. We were really slow and I couldn't put it down. I can not wait for the Iraqi shops to get a copy of "New Moon" and I am sure all of you are going to see it in the movies so eat some popcorn and drink a coke for me. Let me know how it is. I am sure it will be bloody brilliant! (the pun was totally intended) LOL

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