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Monday, November 16, 2009


It is officially fall/winter in Iraq. This morning around 1 a.m. I woke up FREEZING so I thought it was because I had my AC on and it was cool outside so I turned it off thinking now I will sleep more comfortably....WRONG it wasn't only the AC it was down right cold this morning. I was too lazy to get up and turn my heater on because seeing it is the first time to turn it on in a long time it would have that burning smell to it and I wouldn't sleep any better that way. SOOOO I just huddled up in my bed and tried not to move. I was enjoying the cooler temperatures and I am sure that I will a bit better now that I am going to start running my heater. That being said being away from home and the comforts of home that most take for granted makes all these little changes wish you were home. For example, as I walked to work in my long sleeve shirt and jacket :) this morning and couldn't help but notice my mind wondering to past cold times like keeping a fire in our fire place constantly. In our house in Mt. Pleasant the fire place really did its job and if we kept a fire going we wouldn't even have to run the central heat because the fire place heated the ENTIRE house. Tee and I would make pallets by the fire and watch movies and cuddle. Those are really good memories to think back on especially when those resources aren't available to you currently. I know that working overseas is going to make my life a lot easier later on so it is worth it but I really can not wait to get back to the real world.

This is in March of 2008 at Toledo Bend at the Louisiana Oilman's Fishing Tournament. It was literally in the 40s and FREEZING. Tee had just gotten back from an afternoon of fishing with his Daddy and was numb all over. Good times.

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