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Monday, September 19, 2016

Travel Tips & Tricks #1

After traveling to 15+ countries I've learned a thing or two and had a thing or two done to me in regards to traveling.  
After our weekend trip to Mexico a year ago (see HERE)!!! I thought of the idea of this post and jotted down some notes.  
I'm just now getting down to finishing it but I think its a great time seeing we are gearing up for our next big trip to Thailand and Bali with 2 very long layovers in Dubai!  I can't wait to show Hendrik around Phuket and Dubai and for us both to experience new things in Bali and Bangkok.  

But I digress....back to some funnies and some helpful tips.

  • Airport drama- on our Mexico trip we had a connection in San Diego and there was a whopping 1 restaurant in our terminal so of course everyone flocked to it.  It was a seat your self restaurant and tons of people were waiting. I saw a table where the people were getting up so I went in and sat down.  No more did I sit down but these two Yankee bitches plopped their bags down and started to tell me to get up this and that...."they had been waiting" I got an attitude quick not only are they being rude as hell I'm hungry and we had all been waiting.  I of course told them this and they kept on Hendrik comes up and won't sit down...I was not going to get up just on principle if I would have been by myself I would have sat there and let them sit on down and had my lunch with them.  As I get up I tell them that it is seat your self...first come first serve BITCHES!!! and walk off.  The entire restaurant witnessed their rude actions and couldn't believe it.  A nice couple gave us their table as they were leaving but made sure we were the ones to have it....We ordered our food and tried to laugh it off
  • This entire situation brings me to my next point....we got ready to pay for our food and catch our next fight and come to find out a family that were sitting beside above bitches who witnessed everything had been nice enough to pay for our food as well!  I thought it was so nice of them especially given the lack of manners by the other people and it turned the entire experience from negative to positive!  While traveling is so stressful and tiring on everyone paying it forward is a nice way to really brighten someones day!
  • Pay attention to which toiletry you use- Hendrik had a nice teeth brushing one morning with some feminine cream LOLOL!!! travel size tube doesn't always equal toothpaste.  Bet he won't make that mistake again
  • To rent a car or not- this is something we have done a lot of and also chosen not too.  The main factors that we consider when renting a car or not is the length of the trip and our plans while traveling.  For long weekends at resorts we opt to use shuttle and taxi services.  Mainly the point of these short jaunts is to recharge and we don't plan on getting out and about that much. Not only would the car rental go to waste we usually don't have enough time to drive around in a car.  If we go anywhere for 5 days or more and plan on staying in the same spot then we do rent a car.  If you plan on renting a car be sure you do your research on reserving one before your trip and also look at the credit cards they accept, the amount of deposit required, and also any hidden fees!
  • Debit cards used to be our biggest problem while traveling.  Until recently we wouldn't use credit cards mainly because we didn't have any and also because we like paying for cash/ debiting our accounts right then so we don't worry about interest or paying a bill or anything like that.  The down fall is that we usually have to take a lot of cash and we ALWAYS had problems with debit cards in other countries.  Most of the time they weren't even accepted....because of this we know have a joint credit card we use really solely for travel purposes and since we did this we have ZERO problems it is so nice not having to worry about that.  Also the addition of the US finally getting up with the times and adding chips to our debit cards had limited the problems especially when we are in Europe.  European countries have been using chip technology for close to 10 years so it is widely known about and accepted.  I recommend if you do use a credit card then Visa will be a sure fire way to not have any problems as it is widely accepted worldwide.  We do still carry a good bit of cash for safety and travel security.
  • I do a lot of research on travel before we go somewhere but something I always fail at is finding and planning on places to eat.  Although I do make us itineraries they aren't concrete and only are a list of things I want to accomplish so it is really hard to pin point a place and time that we are going to be somewhere for dinner or lunch!  Due to this we probably haven't been experiencing the best of food that each location has to offer.  We will happen upon a fabulous meal here or there but my goal for future travels is to have one fabulous meal a day! 

Happy Traveling

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