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Friday, April 10, 2015

New Adjustments

If your behind then you wouldn't know all about me leaving my bank job to go to work for my boyfriend's company but you can check it out HERE and get caught up!

As everyone now should know, I started a new adventure January 1st of 2015 and it meant learning all the ins and outs of my boyfriend's company and his parent's company.  I've been at my new job now for a full quarter and I can say that I'm feeling more and more in the right spot everyday.  The first month was pretty rough.  I had a huge adjustment to make.  I was used to knowing every detail of my job to not knowing the first thing about where the extra toilet paper was!  I was used to being in a glass office all alone in the quiet left to all my general ledger vices....now I'm in an open office with 3 other people.  The noise and craziness that sometimes in-sues will get any one's blood pressure up.  LOL  I spent the first week cleaning and organizing the new space to make room and revamp the area to make it accommodating for more people.

My desk and work space all set, along with my new Mac computer. (more to come...see below)

After I had a spot to work, I was ready to jump in but before I could get into the actual business side I had to audit our big truck fleet and all the paperwork that went along with it.  I went back as far as 2012 and brought it all up to date.  That took me a month and a half and once I was done it was such a relief.  I quickly began working on large projects like financial statements and web design.

Now that I'm back from vacation I have a normal routine of daily tasks along with a  progressing to do list of more big ticket items that take more time and aren't that time sensitive.  I still have a lot to learn before I know this job like the back of my hand just because there are SO many areas to dig into.  I love learning all about it and have come to understand and embrace the craziness of family business!  

Another day at the office
Let's jump to a different topic and talk about my Mac computer.  This was a leap of faith as much as changing jobs was and boy am I glad I took it.  I love my Mac so much.  It is easy, fast, clean cut, and just so freaking awesome.  There's no hunting around for files and programs, it is all right there in front of you so you can literally just jump on and start working.  I will for sure be making a Mac purchase for our home in the next year.  

As far as working with my partner....

On our way to work on a snowy day

It couldn't be better!  I'm in the office and Hendrik is in and out but mainly he's out doing his own work.  We aren't together 24/7 but I love that we are familiar with each other's day and can talk about the business and our goals and what is to come in the future.  We have gotten into maybe 2 heated arguments but they are quickly forgiven and it was mainly due to just a difference in opinion.  We are closer than before and I don't think that the business would ever come between our relationship.  

I love working with his family also.  We have a very honest relationship and no one tries to tip toe.  It's business as usual but probably better because we all feel comfortable expressing our opinions and talking through to an end decision.  

Lastly lets talk dress code!  THERE IS NONE!  I wore cutoff and high tip sneakers the other day!  I can't wait to bust out my sleeveless shirts when it finally decides to stay hot.

one of my outfits from last week and my working buddy
So long story short I love my new job it is a constant learning process and I love working with Hendrik and his family!  Plus it doesn't hurt I get to ride my bike to work!  I'm adjusting just fine.

Pictures are from Instagram as I hardly ever break out my camera any more :( I think its time for an upgrade!

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