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Friday, April 3, 2015

Grad School Update

I'm in my second semester of grad school and it is going great! Besides my normal life of maintaining a relationship, house, meal prep, bodybuilding, and 50 hours plus a week at my full time job I also am currently taking 15 hours of grad school...that is 5 classes people!  

Much to my surprise my semester is chugging along I have only 5 weeks left until finals and I've only gotten 1 research paper assigned and the work load is pretty minimal but the reading is not.  (how about that run-on sentence....I'm no English major) I've been managing my school really well with all my other responsibilities, or so I feel.

I've even already enrolled in THE REMAINDER of my grad school classes.  

I'm taking 2 online classes in Summer 1 and I have a break for July just to go back and finish my degree in the Fall!
  I will have one more online class and two classes in Dallas on consecutive days.  
I am beyond excited that I officially have no more classes to enroll in and also that I've completed my Masters in ONE year.  I'll start studying for the CPA exam in January and take my first portion of that mid March or so....tentatively.  

Whew! Onward to graduation!


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