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Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY: Outdoor Cushions

While on Spring Break a couple weeks ago I took an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon to finally make something out of the cheap yet useful burlap sacks I got while at Canton.  I broke out my sewing machine and after reading the HOW TO USE instructions once again I hammered two outdoor cushions out for my two chairs on the back porch.  I have been on the hunt for something cheap but somewhat durable for the outdoor chairs and chaises because Hercules tears up every cushion that has ever lived outside.  At $2 a sack I thought the burlap was very inexpensive.  I ran to Alco after lunch and got some polyester fiberfill for the inside of each cushion.
After taking my burlap outside to get a rough idea of size I figured that I could make two cushions out of 1 sack so I went back inside and got to work.  I cut the sack in half and then turned it inside out.  I sewed the edges all the way leaving about a 6 inch opening for the filling.  I then turned the material inside out again and began filling the sack with the fiberfill.  I used a whole bag of fiberfill per cushion just it give it a little extra ooommfff!  After the cushion had it's stuffing I then finished sewing the 6 inch gap up.  I had some extra brown ribbon from a previous project and cut strips of it to sew onto each corner of the cushion so it could be tied to the chair. 

One down.....I then did the exact same process for the other cushion.

I am not totally in love with the cushions at this point just because I would like them to be a bit fuller but Canton is this coming weekend and I hope to get Lincoln to go with me.  I want to get about 8 more burlap sacks to make cushions for the chaise lounges and also bigger seat cushions for the above chairs.  I can then use the current cushions for the back and I think then I will really love them.  Since I cut the sack in half it made the cushion wide enough for any butt but narrow for the over sized chair.  Hey, whatever works right?!

All in all this was a super inexpensive project costing $7 per cushion!

  • 2 burlap sacks $4
  • 2 bags of polyester fiberfill $5 each
  • sewing machine and thread- already owned
  • ribbon for tie downs- already owned
There you have it.  EASY PEASY DIY outdoor cushions or indoor for that matter.
So far they have been outside for over a week and haven't been torn up..... :)

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