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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Life Update

I haven't posted this past week on my blog...

1. Because I don't have any great news


2. Because I've been feeling just bogged down by life lately and needed some time to regroup and try to get myself together.

I don't know about ya'll but sometimes {usually by my own fault} I just get  behind and overwhelmed in life.  I'm a planner and even though I know I can't plan everything when I feel unorganized and like my little world is becoming messy I sort of freak out and get really anxious and need to regroup, get organized, and back on track. 
This week has been like that. 
Nothing bad or anything that I can't handle but you know the regular stresses of life like changes at work, school, dog problems, and financial woes
All on top of a 26 year old, Type A personality that's PMSing and has procrastinated her past 2 weeks away!!!
WATCH OUT WORLD I'm going to be on a roll. LOL 
Like I said all this is manageable but I let myself get bogged down with school by not doing it and it compounded all those other stresses by like a MILLION!  I didn't go to class Tuesday night and I took the entire week just getting it together.  I'm tackling my homework today and I'm going to start this week right.  I just have to get through this week then it's Spring Break.  WWOOHHHOOO!  I plan on getting a lot of to-dos done over Spring Break that I should have done a long time ago.  I know if I get a lot accomplished over my break then I will feel tons better going back into the rest of the semester. 
I've found one main thing that really helps me get it together when I feel overwhelmed...
* Make lists- by doing this you can really SEE all the things that need to be done and you get satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment each time you finish a task and get to cross it off.
Other news....
I'm playing doctor to Hercules.  He had to go back to the vet twice this past week...once on Monday and again on Friday and his leg is healing but he has a bit of infection.  At this point I'm babying the wound, he's staying inside with a cone on his head and hopefully in a week or two I'm really going to see a difference and he will be on the fast track to being his normal self.
On the whole dog thing....last week we got home from work and Tyson had just been in another fight with the neighbor's dog.  We got in the car and went and talked with the neighbor.  He was very understanding and had already had plans himself to get rid of the dog because he's been causing him a lot of problems as well.  The nice part of this is that Lincoln got to shoot the dog himself and get some of his aggravation with the situation out. LOL  After such a chunk out of our pocket books and fighting this same battle for months with no help from the owner it was the satisfaction he needed.  The neighbor totally understood and I'm so glad that it turned out peaceful and we were all on the same page.  I'm a little peeved still just because the dog has been dead over a week now and is still causing me problems and worry over Hercules.  Oh well...hopefully it will be a REALLY long time until we have any more problems with our dogs.
Monday was Lincoln's birthday and I usually go all out on him but this year it was lower key.  I still got him a really unique gift which I love doing.  I think unique gifts are so thoughtful and the receiver will always remember them.  So this year I got him an ice cream maker.  Not just any ordinary ice cream maker but a Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment that works with my mixer.  We tried it out on his birthday and the ice cream was so good.  We even have a good bit left over in the freezer.  I'm sure you're wondering why he would WANT an ice cream maker....well he never said so but every time we are craving something sweet his initial suggestion is ALWAYS mmmmm ice cream, which we never have. LOL  So now with his own ice cream maker he can always satisfy his sweet tooth.
I'm off to tackle a list of To-Dos that consist of homework, a bit of light cleaning, and baby shower projects! 

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