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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rae's Baby Shower

As I have mentioned a couple times before I was asked to head up one of my best and oldest friends baby shower.  I was beyond excited to have this honor and wanted Rachael's day to be great.  I put a lot of hard work into the shower and I think it turned out AMAZING! 
Pretty momma to be

The shower was last Saturday, March, 9th at Rachael's house.  I got up that morning bright and early to get to Rachael's around 9:30.  Even though the shower didn't start until 1 I wanted to be sure everything was perfect and the way I had visioned.  Plus we had to put together a few last minute decorations and set up since I didn't do a dry run before hand at her house.

I had a lot of other hostesses as well and I put them in charge of random things like finger foods, drinks, plates, napkins, making a diaper cake and such.  I took care of the decor, ordering the hostess gift, the cake, and anything odd or end thing that came up.

First was one of the most important things....the invite.  The invite sets the mood for the event and also gets people there.  After talking with Rachael and getting a few ideas on how she wanted her shower and just knowing what she likes I went with THIS INVITE....I found this so cute and colorful invite on Etsy.  I contacted the lady and within a day she sent me the finished design.

After the invite was done I also knew that I wanted to make a wreath to be used at the shower for the front door but could also transfer over to the nursery and the hospital.  This craft was by far the most time consuming but turned out perfect.

Next up was the cake and sweets.  Rachael, like myself, has a huge sweet tooth and although mine has lessened with age... hers has not! LOL I knew first thing what bakery I was going to use for the cake I just had to find the design that fit this unique and wonderful Momma and baby!  After searching Bing images high and low I came across the below design and used it for my inspiration.  Gina at Creative Cakes by Gina is my all time favorite bakery and she's local.  Her cakes not only look amazing but the taste isn't comparable to any other bakery around....so moist and yummy!

I also planned on having a candy bar at the shower before Rachael even told me she for sure wanted one.  They had one at their wedding and I knew that she would love this detail.  The candy bar was cute and so simple to throw together.  It also served as a party favor for all the guests.  Above the candy bar I made a cute banner out of scrapbook paper and white note cards that said SWEET BABY!  (like my play on words there LOL)

I made two more banners... one for the onesie decorating station that wasn't originally in the plan but I used left over paper to help make the directions for the activity and used the long string as a clothes line for people to pin their onesie to.
the AWESOME diaper cake that 2 of the other hostess made that was placed on the onesie table for decoration

a few of the cute keepsakes

The other banner was a pre-made banner I bought from Hobby Lobby I just put the scrapbook paper and letters on it.  It was hung above the gift table that was set up in the nursery and it said WELCOME SADIE.

before all the gitfs arrived

The hostess gift was set out beside Rachael's rocker for everyone to admire.  Let me tell you after the shower I gave that baby a spin and it is definitely the Cadillac of strollers.  I for sure want one when my time comes.  I attached a big pink bow to Rachael's chair and above her head we hung pink and white tissue paper balls in different sizes. 

Now that I had all that pretty much set up we set the food table with drinks.  One of the other hostesses was bringing punch (which was so good) but I also wanted something else more fun so had a hostess drop off a case of water and bottle drinks.  I took plain white cloth, cut it in strips and wrapped the fabric around each bottle.  I secured the cloth with a diaper pin!  So simple, easy, and cute!  The hostesses did a great job on finger food.  We hardly had any food left and the cake went super fast. 

Once everyone arrived and was mingling and eating  Jennifer and I brought in Daddy Brad for something special for him.  He is so involved and just a great guy so we wanted to do a little something for him.  Jennifer made him a Daddy Tool Belt and I read a little poem that went along with it.  It was really cute and I think he liked it. 

After everyone pretty much finished their food we started in on gifts...OH the GIFTS!  Sadie is one lucky babe.  She got so many cute and thoughtful things.  Many people made her blankets and sock monkeys, and girlfriend already has a serious shoe problem.

this is the dress Rae came home in and plans on bringing Sadie home in it also!  Her mom also gave her some of her old blankets.
These are only a few of the gifts.  After the shower we went to El Chico and ate and then started on the nursery trying to get everything hung up and washed.  WOW she has so much stuff.  We counted like 6 baby bath tubs. LOL 

All in all the day was so great!  I loved helping one of my best friends prepare for such a life changing moment and can't wait to meet Miss Sadie.  Rachael loved her shower and couldn't quit thanking me.  I love that it turned out so great and would gladly host another.  Piper has already enlisted my services for her shower in the time comes. LOL 

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