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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in the Rearview

My goals for 2016 were:
  • Prepare and compete in my first fitness competition didn't happen this goals has changed
  • Continue growing in my fitness journey and in gainzzzzville!! LOL  I hope to grow my quads and back to epic proportions! I grew and learned a lot this year about fitness and I feel I made significant gains on my physique but its always a work in progress
  • Start my own business Done and Done- started my own personal training business in March.  Although I have stopped training clients as of now it was a perfect start and I still plan on opening more business in the future that hopefully become more permanent
  • Take Caleb on a brother sister cultural graduation trip Completed this goal in June and although I STILL need to recap the trip on my blog (in the drafts)  We took an awesome week long trip to London, UK and Ireland.
  • Take a girls trip to NOLA still a goal but this didn't make it on the completed list
  • Vacation to somewhere extraordinary like Bali, Thailand, or somewhere equally amazing with Hendrik  Not only did we travel to some where amazing we hit BOTH of these places plus a couple more.  I have recapped our Dominican Republic trip but still need to recap our amazing trip this Fall to Bali, Thailand, and Dubai (in drafts)
  • Finish the massive home to do list and declutter/ clean up old furniture, garage, and home in general.  I don't have clutter but there are always build up in drawers and useless items that can go I feel like this is completed but also on going as I completely revamped the shop and parts of our living room but still would like to reorganize our drawers and night stands.
  • Finish my chicken coop and get chickens This got completed back in July and I now collect 6 eggs daily
  • Plan for a great garden I planned and had a great garden with a lot of new items even though my tomatoes didn't fair well
  • Finish my MSA with a bang and start CPA exam preparations BOOM!  Done with that grad degree
  • Work on my 30 before 30 bucket list I did work on this but SEVERAL things carried over for me to hit maybe by 40?
  • Work on myself- cussing, procrastination, focusing on the positive and cutting out negative (people, thinking, situations), not worry so much  I don't think I made much progress on this but there is always next year LOL

On top of the above goals that I put on the blog I also had a goal to read 25 books and I only read 12!! 4 of which were school books YUCK!  

I took 3 amazing vacations- Dominican Republic with Hendrik, London and Ireland with Caleb, and Dubai, Thailand, and Bali with Hendrik.  I still need to blog about 2 of which but I will get it done I have them waiting in my drafts I just need to finish them.

Hendrik and I got engaged.  Again I need to blog about this as well but I will catch up.

I think that was all of 2016 essentially other than the this and that.  I wasn't very good at staying up to date with my blog in 2016 but maybe that will change in 2017...  

Check out my 2017 hopes and goals to find out what all is planned and hoped to achieve for the upcoming year!

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