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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Book Review: Down the Rabbit Hole

Wow it has been a while since I have done a book review.  1. Because I have been reading a ton of book series or the same series so I thought it monotonous to rehash each one and 2. I haven't been reading all that much this entire year.  

The past month or so has finally given me the time and the desire to start back up reading.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday my best friends got together to catch up and Rachael told me that a while back she read a book from Holly Madison and it was her tell-all from her days in the Playboy Mansion.  She said it was nonfiction but kept her entertained and it was like reading a sort of gossip magazine.  Coming from the person who got me to read the Harry Potter books I had to look up the book a few nights later and read the synopsis.  It sounded really good so I went ahead and made the cheap purchase of Down the Rabbit Hole and dug in.

Read the Amazon synopsis before my review...you may not make it any further because you will have to stop and go read the entire book yourself!

Lost in Wonderland . . . 
A fairy-tale dream that became a nightmare, and a woman whose strength helped her find a way out to the other side
At 21, small-town Oregon girl Holly Cullen became Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend. But like Alice’s journey into Wonderland, Holly’s plunge down the rabbit hole took her to a world where all was not as it seemed. The fairy-tale life inside the Playboy Mansion—which included A-list celebrity parties and starring in a number one television show—quickly devolved into an oppressive routine of strict rules, manipulation, and battles with ambitious, backstabbing Bunnies that nearly drove Holly to take her own life.
Down the Rabbit Hole is her introspective account of her time inside the Mansion: the drugs, abuse, infamous parties, and Holly’s real behind-the-scenes life with Bridget, Kendra, and Mr. Playboy himself. It is also her chronicle of healing and hope. By telling her story, both a cautionary tale and a celebration of personal empowerment, Holly reminds us of the importance of fighting for our dreams—and of finding the life we deserve.

I literally COULD NOT put this book down.  It is one of those I was reading it every spare minute I had a chance and stayed up WWAAYYY too late several nights foaming at the mouth to read more of Holly's sordid tale.  It was the best gossip book and the best way to fit in some nonfiction into my life. LOL  I can't stand nonfiction I find it SO boring. Down the Rabbit Hole was anything but boring my only negative was I wish there was more.  The perspective that I have now about Playboy and the whole mess is so different than my thinking before.  Not only was it the perfect read it got me back into my reading groove.
Buy it on Amazon HERE

I'm currently reading a book in my favorite series EVER the Women's Murder Club novels by James Patterson.  They are also page turners and can never be published fast enough for me.

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