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Friday, July 10, 2015

Wish List

I have made myself quite the little wish list over the past week or so.  I've been lusting over a couple of these times for some time several are workout related and a couple are just splurges!

I love these booty scrunch workout tights from Celestial Bodiez I don't need any motivation in working out these days but if I did these tights would give it to me.  So cute!

I've had my current Fossil bag for almost 3 years and although I still love it and carry it every day it is starting to get scuffed and faded.  I love the convertible crossbody bags because they make life so much easier when you need to sling something over your shoulder when you have your hands full.  THIS bag I'm in love with and would go well with my current needs.

This linen bed set-  last year when I was decorating our bedroom I thought I had found the perfect comforter set and although I still really like the look of my current set it isn't very durable.  It is dry clean only and the material it is made of doesn't really even come clean so the oil from our bodies have darkened areas of the comforter and make it look dingy. For a Type A, OCD girl like myself this just really doesn't work.  I'll probably be saving my pennies for quite sometime because the one I want is going to be almost $900 once I get all the shams, comforter, and skirt.  I'm going to stay on the hunt for a reasonable deal because I can't pay that sort of money for this but I want to find a similar look.

More of these meal prep containers- I bought a set of 10 a few months back and they have worked out great for our weekly meal prep.  I have 2 broken lids and now that Hendrik is prepping as well I need some more. They are so functional, the perfect size for our meals, and cheap just over a $1 per container.

I've been talking about getting a new camera for like 3 years now. Maybe this year will be the year.  Although I don't take pictures as much as I used to once I have more free time I do plan on it and my point and shoot just feels outdated and really my phone does a better job but I refuse to be a person who doesn't have a camera so this is an upgraded prettier more mature version of what I have and I think it will really do the job.

New gym shoes- Don't ask me where, what kind, or anything other than color which follows with the majority of my scale of color when it comes to gym and that's BLACK.  All I know is I'm in need

I've mentioned this one once before in THIS workout post but I'm dying to have a Six Pack Bag!  It is lunchbox, gym bag, and purse all in one.  Expensive but I think I would get every cent out of it from constant use.  My favorite is the Victoria Elite Tote!

After school I want to buy myself a little gift of a.......Mac Book!  Like everyone who is a Mac user told me I am sold on Mac computers.  I love my work Apple desktop and can't wait to have my own little slice of laptop heaven at home too.  I'm waiting until I'm done with my graduate degree not only for school reasons but also so I can reward myself! I'm not even a gold lover but I LOVE the gold Mac Book

Like I need one more expensive wish list item but THIS all in one blender needs to make a home in my kitchen!  I used to drink smoothies and make them for our breakfast all the time but then it got to be such a hassle.  My regular blender is heavy, awkward, and hard to clean with all of its parts.  My little smoothie maker is from my IRAQ days and is small, makes a mess, and the lids don't fit the cups, plus it runs hot.  So I want to cut my losses with those little things and get the real all in one deal.  This baby will make smoothies, soups, salas, ice-cream you name it it can make it and it's light and super easy to clean.  NO extra pieces and parts and it has like a 5 year warranty.  One of my best friends swears by hers so I'm on the hunt for a deal!

Well friends I hope someone will send me a few of these things because my little wish list is well over $3000!!! YIKES! I guess that's why they call it a WISH LIST!

Happy Shopping

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