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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Random Happenings April......June

Since I'm super behind on any event that is bloggable I figured I would use a few random pictures from the past few months to fill in some not-so-bloggable events but just what's been going on in life in general.

Back in April Hendrik tagged along to one of my Dallas night classes.  We ran some errands and even had time to grab a drink at happy hour at a nearby restaurant before I went to class.  After my lecture I met him back at the restaurant and we had a fabulous dinner and headed on home.  This mobile sculpture is in downtown Dallas, Hendrik is the I in BIG D!

The last part of April into May Hendrik's parents were in Holland so we had Bella, their dog.  She is the laziest little thing and always wants to be completely left alone.

I tagged along with a friend to Canton the first weekend of May to get supplies and decor for their new house.  She got these shutters to make an indoor entry piece by their backdoor.  I spray painted them red and the entire project turned out so cute.

I'm hooked on Bloody Mary's and although I hardly ever drink they are now for sure my first choice when I do.  When we go out with our favorite couple we always try that restaurant's Bloody Mary and so far Two Senoritas has the best one.  Before our Florida vacation I asked them for the recipe!

The night before we left to drive to Destin there was two weddings going on.  I had to go to both of them so I split myself with the ceremony for one and then the reception for the other.  Me and my hot date at the reception.

This was taken the same night after Jake's ceremony!  Best friends for life. 

When we were in Holland I drank so much tea I thought I was back in a really clean and cold Egypt LOL!!!  Ever since we've returned I really love a cup of hot tea at night.  I usually drink mint but the other day at the grocery store I got a sleepy time tea and love it.  It is so calming and the perfect nightcap to what is usually a really hectic day.

My brother and Lara's baby is coming at the end of August so I'm helping throw her baby shower.  These are the cute rustic invited we decided on.

I have the best workout buddy around besides Hendrik. LOL  Amy had the Tevis tumbler made for me and the lid allows the cup to be a shaker as well.  I love the message and that it has my name.

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