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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MMA Training #1

The first week of May I started a new fitness challenge!  I started going to private MMA/ grappling training in Mt. Pleasant, Matt Wallace who owns Revolution Combat Sports.  I have been wanting to take up boxing/fighting for a while and I finally got around to calling around and finding someone to train with.  I only found a few people who are trainers in this field and the only person I got a call back from was Matt.  It turns out that a family friend of mine and Hendrik's go to him as well as his kids and he gave me all sorts of info.  I tagged along with Mason one night and fell in love with the sport.  MMA is the place for me.  I wanted to do a combat sport not only to learn something new but also because I just had a good feeling that I would be good at it and not to blow my own horn but I ROCK! LOL 

After my first test session I scheduled my upcoming month with Matt and scoured Amazon for some amazing gear.  These above twinkle bandana wraps are one of two pair that I got and although I'm not a girly girl at all I love these cute wraps.  I usually workout in plain black wraps they are more functional as they stretch and bind better to my hands.

I've completed 2 months of training so far and feel like I'm learning so much each class and I continue to improve. I know that this sport is something that I can pursue for years and continue to grow and learn. There are so many techniques, muscle control, muscle memory, and training on your body involved and I'm so excited for what is coming. 

I have no intention of becoming a cage fighter or anything just to get a range of exercise and learn a badass sport.  Not only do I learn a new level of body control and I work my muscles in a whole other way the cardio benefits I get from my hour long sessions with Matt are out of this world.  I leave looking like I have painted my face red and soaked in sweat...which is the point so he is obviously doing his job.

I love my trainer he is so knowledgeable and fun to be around and I also just love the training its self.   I wish I could afford to train with him daily or at least more than once a week....but right now I'm not a millionaire....maybe one day!

Stay tuned on my fitness journey and my MMA journey.  I hope to get Hendrik in the ring this Winter when he has more free time and it starts getting dark earlier. :)

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