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Monday, August 5, 2013

Where's Megan been...&

What's Megan been up to....well I was giving blogging a break for a while as I got my personal life in order and frankly I've been busy busy busy having so much fun...just loving and living.

  • Tomorrow morning I take my forecasting test and turn in my project so that marks me one more semester down for a couple weeks anyways until Fall starts on the 26th. 
  • All of July was celebrated with boat rides, tan hides, and water (slides) not really just water in general but it rhymed. LOL
  • August has started out with pool time at mom's with Hercules floating with me, Mom, and Monica, movie nights, getting some blonde back in my tiring (RED) hair and shopping in Tyler all day yesterday.  I love cruising Fresh.  We tried a hibachi restaurant called Yamato.  I had never ate hibachi before and I really enjoyed it.  These types of restaurant would be great for birthday parties and stuff since it has sort of an amped up vibe!
tanning my hide while the boys wake surf

3 day weekend camping at Lake Bob Sandlin with a hilarious group of friends for the 6th Annual Hydro Stream Shoot Out


closer to the old normal me...color anyways not usually curled but loving what Jamie did


wwhhattt....dogs need to relax too

had to take a pic of this so I could find my own recipe

swanky Sunday night dinner

The past month has been awesome and I'm anxious to see what life has in store for me....I think its going to be pretty great!

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