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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spontaneous Saturday

I didn't have much planned for my weekend so when Lincoln's sister, Amber, text me Saturday morning wanting me to go to Shreveport, LA with her I got ready and met her in MP around 10:30.  We headed out and arrived in Shreveport around 12:45 just in time to eat lunch at Olive Garden. 

I had a gift card from there so we put it to good use. After stuffing ourselves with way too much Italian we headed to Bossier and cruised the boardwalk, by this time it was 2ish and we shopped to our little heart's content!  I never buy myself clothes really and so when I walked into Papaya I went a bit crazy!  I bought several new things just in time for summer.  We cruised in and out a lot of stores and Amber and I both hit the jackpot at the Nike outlet when we bought new tennies for 20 bucks!  So cheap you ask...yeah it's because Amber has a trick...it's called kids sizes. 
I love it. 
Plus my new running shoes also are the kind that work with that chip and the phone app so I can't wait to try that out tomorrow!  By this time we had worked up a thirst so we headed to Joe's Crab Shack for some drinks and to enjoy the wonderful spring afternoon. 

Gotta watch out for those gators

This little kid was HILARIOUS!  His mom was at the table behind us and he was carrying around this root beer and being such a ham. 

Amber ready to get crazy that was like one of three HUGE drinks LOL  We had a good time!

At this point we pretty much decided we were having too much fun and just needed it to not end so we called our Mothers and I let Lincoln know that we would be staying the night in Shreveport.  We finished up our drinks and then took some pictures along the river before we hit up a few more shops. 

remember these stick on earrings LOL I remember having some when I was little.

on our way to the car I decided to do a bit of work to cover my spending!
Before checking into none other than the Marriott we had to run to a near-by Wal-Mart to get, oh I don't know,.... a pair of panties and a tooth brush.  We hadn't planned on staying the night so we were a bit unprepared but that didn't stop us.  After a trip to Wal-Mart we checked into the hotel, got settled, and then went out for some ice cream. 

out hotel room

a view from our hotel

We woke up this morning around 7, were checked out, and on the road to Starbucks by 8.  Once in the car I went for my sunglasses and they weren't there.  I looked everywhere!  We even went back to the hotel and checked but no such luck.  I guess I left them in a dressing room or somewhere yesterday!  I was sick especially since they were my Ray Ban aviators and I've had them for a while.  That was the only downside to our little spontaneous trip.

Amber and I had a great Saturday in Shreveport.  I think it was what we both needed since we are always going full speed ahead in life with school and work and sometimes we can get bogged down in the everyday.  I already told Lincoln that I'm planning us a little trip in June or there after to Shreveport to stay in the new Margaritaville Resort and Casino that looks like its going to be fab and a great place to spend a weekend during the summer. 
Amber and I decided that we love our spontaneous trips but from here on out we are just going to be sure that when traveling with each other in the future we come prepared for at least an overnight stay since CLEARLY we never know where we are going to end up. LOL 
What did you do this weekend?

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