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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Money, Money, Money!

Money is always something that I could use more of!  I mean yeah all the things I'm responsible for as a functioning adult are taken care of but I always have goals, projects, and needs wants that I need want RIGHT NOW!  LOL 
The only downside to this impatient mentality is I always feel like I want, want, want but can never do, do, do because there's never enough money, money, money for those things. LOL 
I know problems of a first world citizen.  spoiled!
I'm so grateful for the life that I've been given and have made for myself and I guess that's why I always want more! 
I try to live in the moment as much as possible and not wish away my life until I reach the next milestone......
ok a little side tracked there so back to the light and fluffy money post.....

I read this article on one of my favorite blogs and daily reads, The Every Girl, a few days ago and since I had recently been planning several goals for myself that related to finances it sparked this post! 

1. I told Lincoln on Sunday night that I've made up my mind that by October I WILL have a new car.  My Corolla (truck) is 10 years old and I've never had any problems...except today I had a flat when I came out of work to come home!!! 10 years and not even a single flat...that's Toyota for you. 
Ok so even though there's not a thing wrong with my car I deserve a new one and I'm going to get myself a new one by October or in October either way my goal is set = OCTOBER!
I've narrowed it down to 2 different cars.  Both in the same price range.  One of them will be in my garage by...when people... OCTOBER! 
The 2 finalist are...
The 2013/2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

& the Infinity JX
Both around 40K and I LOVE both of them.  I have test drove a Jeep and still love it but have yet to drive the Infinity.  Aren't they both pretty?

2. Now that I have my house pretty much exactly as I want it...gutters installed and all my budget and extra money that I would normally be spending on home things will be put to use by making Peggy Sue a home away from home. 
I've got supplies to work on her and I really need to get on it if I want to reach my goal of having her where I want her by July 4th
Here's a sneak peak of some demolition work I've done so far.
After the regular construction/demo work comes the fun part for me and that's the decorating.  I intend do use and reuse different things from home and from Canton of course to mix mostly old and a little new to make Peggy Sue the perfect mobile home! :)
3. Of course an on going goal is to save and budget for travel be it a long weekend indulging or a week long vacay to Costa Rica!  There's never enough money to satisfy my want and need to travel. 
4.Now that I've lost my Ray Bans on my latest trip to Shreveport I'm savings for a new pair of those babies.  The problem is which ones...the only solution is that I won't be able to purchase these online I need to try on several pairs to see which ones I like the best.
So far these are a few that have caught my eye
Aviator Flip Out...love this style because it's classic and compact easy to store so I don't lose another pair.

Clubmaster...like them but not sure how they will look on my face

Timeless and Classy...the Jackie Ohh again not sure how hey will frame out my face
5. The last want///need that's been on my mind lately is the purchase of some land.  This isn't a short term goal like all the previous goals are but a goal none the less and a very important one in my book.  I think it's time for me to start cruising the real estate sites and Craigslist and maybe I'll happen into a great deal. I LOVE ME SOME REAL ESTATE!
There you have it... some goals of my that are taking up my mind and my checkbook lately.

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