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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hiking in Beaver Bend State Park

We had a great weekend this weekend.  A weekend that Lincoln and I don't have often mainly because of his work schedule always changing and being hectic.  Since Lincoln is at apprentice school during the week he had this past weekend off and also the next 3.  We took full advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend.  I'm on a kick about not wanting to do the same thing all the time.  It seems over the past 6 months or so that we do stuff on the weekends but its the same oh same oh so I'm trying to think of things for us to do together that are different, fun, and inexpensive.
Friday was low key.  We enjoyed cooking together at home and then spent the evening outside by a fire listening to music and just talking.
Saturday we got up and going and headed to Oklahoma to hike in Beaver Bend State Park.  I had been secretly planning this little day adventure in my head all week and I pitched it to Lincoln on Thursday. He was game and I was happy.  We packed a back pack with water, a lunch of sandwiches, some TP in case of emergencies and there was one. :)
You might remember we visited the state park back in October when we went on our little Beaver Bend Getaway.  This was only my second or third time to be at the park and the first time hiking. We had a great time and it was some much needed exercise.  We stopped at the visitor center to get a map and then headed off on our first small/easy trail.  We came to a crossing that pointed to the Look Out Mt trail which I really wanted to go on.  It was a mile UP and it was a hike let me tell you.  

check out this cool tree and how it grew

so of course I had to take a picture

We were both a little disappointed once we got to the top because it was called Look Out Mt....which would lead one to believe we were going to make the trek and have a fantastic view of the park....NOT!  There were too many trees, all we could do was see through the trees and then make our way down the other side. 

Once to the bottom we had to go right back up and we thought we might have been lost but Lincoln consulted the map and discovered we weren't lost just had a ways to go.  We finally made it back to civilization, found a nice spot to eat lunch, and did a bit more exploring before driving to view the lake and dam.   

We finished our little park adventure around 4 o'clock and on the way home stopped at some friend's house for a fish fry.
We had a great weekend and I can't wait for all the adventures Lincoln and I have ahead of us over the next few months and years!

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