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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I changed my blog background today to something a bit more fall-ish and it got me thinking about seasons. My favorite season used to be summer and I hated winter but now as I grow older so does my appreciation for other seasons. I still hate winter for the most part. I mean it is a nice change from the hot but if it stays cold too long I don't like it. Texas winters are perfect not too long not too short just right. You can build a fire, cuddle with your hubby, and make those hearty recipes. Now, my favorite would have to be a tie between summer and fall. If I absolutely had to pick one it would be summer. Summer is just great; it is hot, you get to have all sorts of outdoor fun that includes water and it is a relaxing, happy time. Fall is well appreciated because you finally start to get a break from the blistering heat that Iraq and Texas bring. The trees start to lose their leaves and it becomes cool enough to cuddle with your honey with a light blanket. Fall is also the perfect camping weather. Last is spring and it is OK. The only really great thing about spring is that it means winter is over and summer is well on its way. I guess this post really has no real purpose just my thoughts. Have a good Wednesday.

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