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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Zoo Day

Earlier this week I checked the weather and saw how perfect this weekend was going to be.  I knew I was going to have Case for the majority of each day and so I decided early on in the week that today Hendrik and I would take him to the zoo.  We picked him up around 8:30 and headed to Tyler.  We got there still early and it wasn't crowded or hot yet.  After a quick bathroom break we started off at the petting zoo.  He loved looking at the goats and petting them some but mainly just being close to them was enough for him.  

After the petting zoo we put on his little backpack leash that we got him and headed off.  First was all the different birds and then into Africa to see the rhinos, giraffes and elephants. 

looking at the monkeys 

After Africa we saw the aquarium which he LOVED!  He knows the main animals and fish is one that he really likes.  

After that we walked around, saw the North American animals, fed the fish and ducks, and saw the tigers and bears!

Since the petting zoo was near the entrance/ exit we ended our trip there before heading into the souvenir shop for a little stuffed lion and some books on animals.  

It took us around 2 hours to make our way through the zoo.  Once back in the car Case was really tired from all his walking and the excitement of all the animals.  He was out within minutes of us leaving and slept all the way home then 2 more hours!  He had such a great time and I'm so glad Colby and Lara allow us time with him to make such great memories.  I can't wait for more trips like this as he continues to grow up. We love our time with him no matter what we do but today was extra special! 

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