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Friday, March 17, 2017

Caleb's European Graduation Trip Part 5

Tuesday June 22, 2016 was our third and final day in Ireland.  We had breakfast in our hotel and headed towards the West coast of Ireland towards Ciffs of Mother.  I think I miscalculated the distance and time it would take to drive it because by midday we had only made it half way.  Instead of driving the rest of the day away only to arrive at our original destination at dark we stopped at a cute little town and decided this would be our adventure for the day.  

We stopped in Athlone and it was the cutest town with a ton of culture and history.  All the buildings were painted a cute color.  There was a river that ran right through the town and the Athlone Castle is perched overlooking the town.  We visited the castle, walked around town looking in shops and things.  We stopped at a local grocery store and deli for lunch. Caleb didn't want anything too heavy so we both got sandwiches from the deli with some snacks and drinks for the road.  We packed back into our car and headed back to Dublin.

All of these mannequins are constructed out of purely recycled materials.  They were so neat.

Once we are back at the hotel I got deathly ill from I believe the roasted bell peppers that were on my sandwich.  I don't think they were any good.  I suffered through the night and the next day as we traveled.  I was so afraid of eating or drinking on the trip home because I didn't want to risk getting sick again on the plan!!!  We arrived home safely and even though Caleb had a great time I know he was glad to get home.  This trip was literally a wonderful experience not only did we get to spend some quality time together I was able to teach Caleb about the world and open him up to HOPEFULLY many more travel experiences.  

Peace out Dublin!
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