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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Caleb's European Graduation Trip Part 3

London day 3, Saturday June 18, 2016 was the start of our final day in London.  We had marked off almost off the sights that I had for sure marked down to see so we were left with just a few to see and they were spread out all over the city.  After breakfast in the hotel we hopped on the underground and rode it all the way to the outskirts of the city to Kings Cross Station.  Mainly to see the famous Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 but also the Kings Cross train station is a beautiful building. 

Unfortunately you had to buy tickets and stand in a crazy line to get actual pictures by where they filmed the Harry Potter movies and I just wasn't that dedicated so I snapped some pictures from afar. I also found a pharmacy to get some blister pads to give my poor feet some relief.  The first day I made  a horrible shoe choice trying to look un-American and I regretted it for 2 weeks following this trip. My blisters were so bad!

outside Kings Cross Station

Inside the station

On our way to from Kings Cross Station to find Baker Street we stumbled across Regent Park and decided to wonder through. The park's landscaping is so pretty it was literally like some one's fancy yard.  There were pathways all throughout. 

My favorite part of traveling overseas is to see all the old. Below is a small little church that is in the park since the new age and the modernization of the world it is no longer a church but it still stands and is a perfect little pit stop to grab a coffee, bread, beer, or use the restroom.

After our stroll through the park we rode the underground to Camden Town!  The best way to describe Camden is it is sort of the Austin of London!  There are tons of small shops filled with crazy things as well as tourist souvenirs, street performers, food stalls, and TONS of people all enjoying the crazy sights. The crowds in Camden were way younger than the other areas of London we had visited also. 

street performer you could pay to "have tea with"

We shopped for souvenirs (Caleb was set on getting things for people) I hate souvenirs for the most part but always do get my Mom something!  During this time I knew that it was mid morning at home so we decided while were were just wondering the streets and all the different stores to call the Dad's and wish them Happy Father's Day.  So we talked to every Dad and filled them in on our trip so far, how the weather was, and our plans for the rest of the day and said our goodbyes and all was happy!  Well a few hours later I realized when I looked at my phone and was thinking about the next day that we called an entire DAY TOO EARLY!!!  OMG!! I didn't even realize it and none of the 3 dad's we talked to even mentioned it LOL. WOW! I couldn't get over it. 

After we wondered Camden Town we finally found Baker Street.

We went to Covent Garden but there wasn't much there so it was a quick walk around and then out to see St. Paul Cathedral and walk across Millennium Bridge (Harry Potter bridge) which is a pedestrian only bridge.

St. Paul Cathedral

Millennium Bridge
After our walk across the bridge we walked along the bank of the river passing Shakespeare Globe Theater and we also stopped and had a beer on a riverfront open air bar. The wind was really chilly so we sucked down our drinks before heading out to find Leadenhall Market, another Harry Potter sight.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre

By the time we arrived at Leadenhall Market it was all closed but it was fun seeing the inspiration of Diagon Alley for Harry Potter!  At this point it was mid to late afternoon and we had pretty much conquered our entire to do list so we took the underground back to the hotel to see what other plans we could come up with and sort of prepare for leaving the next morning.

Caleb was really tired and I'm not going to lie I was too. We essentially did all the sights of London in 3 full days. We were exhausted and ready for some down time.  We ate Italian again that night at a restaurant down from our hotel that was in a shopping center.  Caleb was feeling sick to his stomach by this point so wanted something mild that he knew he could handle.  After dinner we grabbed some food from the grocery store for our travels the next day. 

On our way back to our hotel we saw a man completely lose his shit on the escalator with his suitcase.  Caleb and I laughed so hard I thought one or both of us would pee our pants. We even started laughing about it again at dinner when we were talking about our day!

Here is a phone picture of my souvenir necklace that I had made yesterday!  I love it still and completely represents my time on this trip as well as my life.  

Our 3rd day in London was less active but we still covered a lot of ground.  We did more wondering on this day and I really enjoyed the variety of culture we say from Camden Town all the way back to Shakespeare's Globe!  London treated us right and I would love to go back and visit old friends and really immerse myself in the culture of London now that we have had our fill of the usual sights.  

Next up Ireland!

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