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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Wrapped Up

2015 was crazy, exciting, adventurous, full of learning experiences, travels, new workouts, new friends, new family members, memories with old friends, and an ever growing love.  

  • Hendrik and I had 3 awesome vacations, visited Holland, Belgium, France, Florida, and Mexico.  
  • Case was born
  • I worked on school which seems to be an eternal venture
  • I also started working for Hendrik and the year was full of that!
See my year broke down by pictures and little descriptions below and stay tuned for my 2016 goals! 

January 1st- started new job with Hendrik and his family

Found out I had the shingles and battled them on and off through out the summer

I worked extra hard on my physique through out the entire year and made some awesome changes.  


Hendrik and I had dates night each month...mainly all involved sushi and we tried several different sushi restaurants in Rockwall.  This sashimi was awesome!

My garden started out awesome but as the rain continued and then the summer heat started this was the best my garden looked all year.  

Meal planning and prep became a huge Sunday venture each week and has really helped Hendrik and I maintain our healthy lifestyle.  

Shoulder gains are always a good thing.

My planner was really utilized as always and hot tea became a way of life for us

We got a nice snow in February. 

My mom turned 50 and we planned her a fabulous and 50 surprise birthday party that turned out amazing.


During spring break week and forward Hendrik took a European vacation.  Amsterdam was our first stop.

After visiting family in North Holland we headed out on the road and our next stop was Brussels, Belgium.  Those waffles though!

After Belgium we continued our trip to Paris, France and explored 4 days on bikes there.

workouts didn't slack neither did the gains....abs finally started showing up and staying after our meal prep and clean eating really took effect.

Date night fortune which I loved and believe.


how my monthly meal planning goes down each month

Hoss had a random seizure and we rushed him to the vet to get checked out.  All was fine and he has yet to have another one of those horrible episodes.

I tried my hand at making my own homemade wheat bread.

On nice days I saved my gas and rode my bike to work.

After returning from our Euro trip I tried my hand and a traditional Dutch dinner and since has become a monthly meal.  

Work on my (still unfinished) chicken coop started

Once the rain slacked up farming was in full swing and we chopped a ton of silage.

Finally started something I'd been wanting to get into....MMA/Boxing.  

early Summer drives through a newly purchased property had some pretty wild flowers.

One Saturday night mom and I had a girls night out at the gym

Tried out new and different supplements from Prime Nutrition.  I still use a couple of these but ended up returning to my favorite branch...Optimum Nutrition

Jett turned 1 and all the gang was there to celebrate.


We took a big family vacation in Destin, Florida

Colby pulled off an epic beach proposal for Lara and she was super surprised.

Jake got married so we all got dressed up for the occasion.


tried out another type of tea other than regular and mint.  

Poppy Larue made a sweet and calm entrance into the world and she's been growing ever since.  

Got in my first pair of Celestial Bodiez booty scrunch leggings and fell in love

Super gains and shoulder/bicep pump


Got a new cape thing from the Copper Leaf and wore it to a date night with Paul and Lauren as we tried out an awesome restaurant that was new to us in Rockwall called Bin 303.

The best gift ever came in August.....Charles Case Deal was born and is the cutest nephew ever.

was rushing in the gym on day and smashed the crap out of my finger.  5 months later and it is finally getting back to normal.

Got a Vitamix and we brought smoothies into our life


MMA training amped up to 2 nights a week

Case growing like crazy and showing all his personality through his many funny faces

Took Hendrik on a surprise birthday get-a-way to Cabo and it was the best time ever.  Just what we needed at the perfect time.

Our resort was amazing and we were essentially the only guests.

On Hendrik's actual birthday we went deep sea fishing and later ate his catch fresh 5 different ways and we are still dreaming of the tuna that melted in our mouths!

September 29th I showed all my hard work for a photoshoot I set up with an awesome photographer.  


October 16th I dressed up and we head to my 10 year high school class reunion.  Not many showed up but those who did loved catching up and seeing each other.

I bit the bullet and purchased a competition bikini from another competitor. Baby steps....

Lara and I took Case on a hike at Bob Sandlin State Park

He chilled the entire time and loved being outside


After not squatting for a few months I made a new workout plan and it is a ton of squats.  Ass to the grass for those booty gains.

We got some frikadel from a Dutch store up North and had a Saturday night inside with the traditional Dutch treat.

At 3 months Case continued to steal our hearts with his gummy grins.

I took Case over to meet Poppy and it was love at first sight!

Dressed up for our last wedding of the year!

After leaning out my arms I was able to get some REAL awesome pump and vascularity


December was a horrible work month and super busy, overwhelming, and stressful

I turned 29 and Hendrik got me an new computer which I love and also a new Fossil purse that was much needed.

Started the year and ended it with gains on my delts!

Christmas party ready as we headed to the massive Winstar Casino in Oklahoma.

Christmas day was an adventure and mom loves her new swing that me, Hendrik, Colby, and Lara got her and Mike

I designed and ordered an awesome fitness accessory from Fit Brand Style

We got Max a half boxer and half American bulldog.  He's been ruling the roost with Hoss ever since December 1st.

Slowly becoming friends.

Well that was our year.  Some exciting things but mainly just normal life things.  Excited to see what is in store for us for 2016.

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