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Monday, December 7, 2009

Home Alone

Yesterday I took a holiday and relaxed in my room. I slept in, of course, cleaned up my room, read, and watched TV. The family channel on our cable network played Christmas movies all day after lunch. I know that there are a few movies out there that just have to be watched each year to make your holiday or special occasion feel complete. Now that it is cold, we have put up the tree, wrapped presents and are in full Christmas spirit it is only fitting that I watch "the movie of my season". The movie that I always have to watch during the Christmas holiday is Home Alone. I have no clue why but it just really makes it feel like Christmas time. I know this is really weird but what can I say I'm weird. Needless to say I was alone in my room watching Home Alone. Even weirder was that before I knew it was even coming on I thought to myself I need to have my Mom send that over so I can watch it, but now she doesn't have to I have had my fix. What is your "movie of the season"?
P.S. I also love White Christmas. I remember the first time I ever watched it. It was at my Mom and Mike's house during one summer. My Mom and I watched it together :)! Good times.

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  1. Yes! Good times! I miss having you at home to do all the things you and I do during the holidays and all the other times. Hope you have a great holiday. Love you, Mom


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