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Monday, August 31, 2009

Bed & Bath Makeover

While I was home I went to Colby and Lara's house and their bedroom needed a makeover BIG time! It wasn't bad but they have a rent house and it was just white everywhere. I started out just saying we were going to remake the bathroom. They have the cutest shower curtain and wanted to paint the walls the same color blue as in the curtain but since it is a rent house we had to stay neutral. On the day I went to get fitted for my new retainer in Longview Lara came with us to "ride" along. I got my retainer and told my Mom and Lara I needed to go by Hobby Lobby to get some things. When we got out of the car we broke the news to Lara that I was going to redo the bathroom and paint the bedroom. She hates taking any gift or anything like that but it was my treat and they deserve it. So we entered Hobby Lobby and I got the buggy. As soon as I turned around I found the best vase for the bathroom and we headed off to put together the perfect flower arrangement. After we got the flowers we started skimming the isles for the perfect wall pieces. Everybody knows that everything Hobby Lobby has you wish you could find a place to put it. I mean it is the best store in the world, how could I stop with just the bathroom? Wwwweeelllll... I didn't! We started skimming more and soon we had enough wall pieces and materials for the bathroom and bedroom. We found the cutest lamp but I had to switch the shades. By the time we were done with the walls I found myself by the fabric and had talked Lara into a headboard. Their bed doesn't have a head or foot board but hey that is an easy fix. We decided to do the bedroom in a brown with deep red accents. We found the perfect fabric: classy, country and just divine. We had the lady cut what we needed along with padding to go along. We drifted up to the check out and it was a fight to get it paid for without Lara cramming her credit card at the cashier but I got it done. We loaded up our findings and headed for Target to get bedding. I mean if we were going to go we were going all out. Target was a HUGE let down so we resorted to JC Penny's. Lara has got to be the most indecisive person when it comes to little things. We looked at so many bedding options and we all finally decided on a rich, chocolaty brown comforter with lighter brown sheets that matched. We found the cutest decorative pillows that would accent our headboard fabric perfect. We checked out and then headed home. Over the next few days Mom and I made our Lowe's trip to get the materials we needed for painting. On Saturday---Makeover day---- we got started around 10 a.m. We painted everything and Mom textured the bathroom to cover up the hideous border that was up. After we finished doing that we headed to Lowe's to pick up our plywood and a ceiling fan. We got back and finished up. As Mom and Lara put the finishing touches on the paint job I made the headboard. We finished totally....ceiling fan up, furniture in place, paint done and picture frames up (with no pictures) at 1 a.m. We were exhausted but sssssssoooooooo proud of our job well done. See the before, during and after pictures below.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom During

Bathroom After

Bedroom Before

Bedroom During

Bedroom After

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