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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

After a long day....

Being an adult is hard work and after a long day with emails, deadlines, and all the duties of life I love winding down before it starts all over the next day.  Over the years I have found that a nightly routine of relaxation is key for washing away my stress and no matter how late I get in or what I have going on I always manage to get in these things.  

A cup of tea is perfect especially on those cold nights.  I love a good cup of mint tea!

I love essential oils and over the past few months have become addicted to this Good Sleep blend of essential oils.  I put a little in my bath each night and I can really tell that after breathing in and soaking for 20-30 minutes I sleep so much better.  

Taking a scolding hot bath filled to the brim of the tub is ESSENTIAL!  We have a huge, deep tub that I love.  Give me a good travel magazine and I drift off into a travel dream state!  

I love my nighttime routine and how it is my own few minutes of personal time each night to really unwind and enjoy some quiet.  What do you do after an especially long day...or any day for that matter?

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