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Sunday, April 20, 2014

30 Before Thirty

Seeing I’m 27 and almost ½ it’s a perfect time to get my 30 before 30 list together that way my mathematical mind will be at ease since I can split that evenly over the next 3 years and complete approximately 10 a year.
1. Sky dive
2. Get married- barely missed it 4/29/17
3. Road trip to the Carolinas
4. Make a 3 week trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam during spring  partially completed March 2015 and finished in June 2016
5. Pay it forward
6. Pay off credit card
7. Finish my degree graduated with my Masters in May 2016
8. Get a French Bulldog puppy and name him Maximus got a puppy Dec 1st, 2015 boxer/ american bulldog and named him Max
9. Begin a morning routine at 5:30 that includes workout, meal prep, and skin care  completed by end of 2014 with Amy and Hendrik
10. Hit my goal weight and stay there
11. Start a new tradition with Hendrik
12. Become an officer at my job got a new job that has more freedom with Hendrik...automatic officer LOL
13. Build savings account up
14. take a sibling camping trip
15. Go on a cultural vacation with Caleb for his graduation gift UK and Ireland June 2016
16. Live and eat as natural as possible in the most realistic way started in 2015 Spring and is still going strong
17. run a 5K & 10K
18. Revisit Washington D.C. and soak in the history
19. Take a sushi making class with Hendrik
20. Be brave and get a Brazilian completed 2015 and now moving on to getting layered...started Nov 2015
21. Start a side business Started my personal training business in March of 2016
22. Have a girls only get-a-way completed Memorial Day weekend 2014 with Elizabeth
23. Make a quilt
24. Pay off student loans
25. Have professional pictures made completed September 29th with a fitness photoshoot with Rockstar photography
26. learn another language... German or Frisian (Hendrik's Dutch language)
27. buy myself something frivolous and nice but not house related
28. join a charity or community organization
29. revisit the Middle East spend 36 hours in Dubai on our way to Southeast Asia in October 2016
30. Have a Pretty Woman themed birthday party complete with red dress and limo to the opera
There you have it...anyone who would like to help me accomplish these goals you can send me the funds. LOL 

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