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Monday, February 1, 2010

Thailand: Days 12, 13, 14

While in Thailand, I really wanted to learn to scuba dive. Tee is always saying how great it is and I really wanted that experience. I figured this was the perfect trip to learn because Mia hadn't ever done it either and since you have to go to some classes this would be a good trip to take advantage. If Tee would have been with me I would have missed out on time with him...now I am a certified bubble maker so if we go on vacation together we can just jump in and he doesn't have to wait on me to get schooled. Anyways, Mia loved the idea so we scheduled the scuba training, got our books and all the materials, and started the adventure. We took the first part on Thursday January 14Th. We got quizzed and talked about the stuff we had read/watched. We were supposed to come back that afternoon and finish up our training in the pool and dive on Friday. When we got back to the scuba shop that afternoon there were some scheduling conflicts so we took our school in the pool on that Saturday the 16Th and then we went diving on Tuesday the 19Th. OK so we finished our school as honor students and were ready for our dive. We drive an hour from our hotel to Chalong to catch our boat. We arrive and get on this big yellow Sea Bees boat and head out. While on the boat we had breakfast and just prepared for the dive by going over instructions and what we were going to do in the water. Our first dive we went over a few skills and then swam around and enjoyed our new surroundings. I had a few problems with my ears and come to find out they are just a little sensitive. It wasn't that big of a deal it just took me a few extra minutes to descend and ascend so my ears could adjust to the pressure. When we were done with our first dive we ate lunch, rested a bit, and went back in for dive #2. On this dive a film guy went with us and filmed our experience. We didn't have an underwater camera so this was great. This dive we did a few more skills and then enjoyed the fish and things again. We saw a baby sting ray and nemo!!! The video is really cool so when I come home I will have to show all of you. Mia and I had a great time and I can't wait to dive again. When we got back to the hotel we showered and went to the steak restaurant that was at the resort. It was really good...they had these mashed potatoes that I SWEAR tasted just like hot, gooey cookie dough. Mia can vouch for me!

Day 13- This was a relaxing non-eventful day. We just hung out at the pool all day long. Yes, I know reading and sunning ourselves is the hard life. LOL

Day 14- Our time was dwindling down and we are slowly coming back down to reality. Soon Mia would be back in the freezing cold going to school and I would be back in the semi-cool desert working. We again relaxed with the time we had left by the pool and the beach. We were down at the beach during sunset that night so we took the time to take some more beach pictures. Please observe... the Megan ghost has vanished and now you see a bronze & Mexican beauty!!!
Mia, Dong our scuba instructor who was AWESOME, and me after our dives on the way back to land. Mia and I will always remember when we got our fish gills. LOL!!
You can't see it all that well but if you look at the top of that mountain (hill) you can sort of see a figure, that is a HUGE Buddha that is perched up there. You can drive up and see it and it is used as a view point. We are a good ways away and it is still huge so you could imagine it up close. We had a better view of it in the car but I couldn't get a picture. We wanted to make our way to the top but didn't get the chance.
The scuba company we went through... I highly recommend it. They were all really nice people and I felt very safe in their hands. Mia and I had a great time. On our way back to the hotel I even ran into a person who lives on the same base as me. We didn't know each other and they didn't work for KBR which makes it even more random. We were just trading info and found out we were from the same base in Iraq...small world.
Mia and I at the steak restaurant.
These singers were driving me crazy. All they sung were love songs and I just couldn't take it. They stopped by our table and sang Jason Mraz.
This is me apparently getting wiped out by a wave down at the beach on Thursday.
Sunset photo shoot! LOL No ghost here!

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